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Bing most Beautiful Wallpaper- Hahaha...

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Broken In
Today I was feeling very bore, so I take up my Photoshop CS3 and started drawing a wallpaper for Bing. Here is my worst creation of Bing-

So any one here who can make this look btfull

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Cyborg Agent
thumbnails plz..........its too huge!!!
That's right.

@ritesh: Please remember that many forum members have slow connections. Even those with a 2 Mbps connection have limited bandwidths. For example, I have a monthly 2.5 GB limit which works out to an average of about 80 MB per day. Opening your post with its 7x3 MB files has wasted more than a quarter of my daily quota.

Loading the page will take more than one minute with a 256 Kbps connection and more than one hour on dial-up.

Even if you don't want to post thumbnails, you could downsize the images to a more reasonable size and save them in jpeg format before uploading them.

To demonstrate, I've reduced your images to half size and saved them as medium quality jpegs. The resultant files are 20-50 KB each with a total of 250 KB for all seven files. This is more manageable, but still on the large side for a forum post.
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