1. Ronnie012

    Launch an imaginary product

    There are several products which are available in the market which are innovative yet crappy in some sort of way. So, I gathered why not start a thread and launch Fake products which are crappy (yet innovative) in some sort. So lets begin - Eat your Food App - Would be basically an alarm...
  2. Rahim

    15 unhealthiest indian foods

    Tehelka - India's Independent Weekly News Magazine If this is right then what should we eat for snacks now? :-x:x
  3. S

    Slimfast Plus

    Weight loss can be understood in terms of science, because it is clearly of fundamental science. Just use more calories than you consume. But there are many specific things you can do with the exercise to accelerate your metabolism and helps you lose fat. It is important that you do things that...
  4. J

    9 Tips For Easy Weight Loss

    1) Fruits And Vegtables Fruits and vegetables are very healthy for you. They have a lot of fiber and antioxidants. In addition to this, eating raw fruits and vegetables will make you feel fuller, faster! The amounts of calories that fruit and vegetables have are really low. So be sure to eat...
  5. A

    why does firefox eat too much memory

    I've noticed that firefox seems to want to continually eat more & more memory, even if I close all tabs that I had open, leaving just two or three (earlier, I had about six tabs max open, now just two) open. Closing all that doesn't affect memory, though ...why does firefox eat more memory & not...
  6. jxcess3891

    Post an image of something you want to eat right now!

    Here's something I want to eat right now:
  7. Rockstar11

    what kind of chapati do u like to eat most?

    what kind of chapati people like to eat?? khane ki baat chali hi hai to yeh bhi batado...:p :D lol
  8. D

    What to eat for late night studies

    Have got a habit of late night studies say till 2-3 pm . So what should be taken to eat at night time ? so that i get good energy and dont feel sleepy . also the food should not harm any metabolic process due to eating at night . thanks !
  9. The_Devil_Himself

    'Dirty Santa' by Microsoft....LMAO

    A lots of people must be knowing that Launched a 'Santa program' through which kids can talk to Santa(bot driven by artificial intelligence) by adding to their Windows Live Messenger contact list.But it seems it wasn't our regular good\happy Santa that M$ was talking about but...
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