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  1. M

    My pc is not recognizing my new graphics card ?

    i have bought a new sapphire radeon hd 5670 1gb ddr5. but when i install it and check in device manager >display adapter it says standard vga graphic controller as well as in dxdiag in memory it shows only 16 bit and also the resolution is wrong which 1400x1050 .my monitor is LG W1942S. but in...
  2. akash22

    showing less vram

    guys previously i had win 7 32 bit with 1 gb ddr5 graphics which used to show 2.3gb in dxdiag but lately when i upgraded my ram and installed win 7 64 bit, i noticed that now it's showing 721mb ram in dxdiag. why? and is there any way to free my vram. i even tried by switchng to low visual...
  3. Siddharthtech

    DX10 on XP

    Hey I downloaded DX10 for XP that copies some dlls into system32 folder from here DX10 for XP by KM software The situation is that now I can see DX10 written when I write dxdiag, can I now play DX10 games on XP. I have an HD5670 card that supports DX11 too. Any thoughts about DX11 games on XP...
  4. liquidsnake

    Frequent fps drops in codmw2

    i am facing a very weired problem i can play codmw2 smoothly in win 7 64 bit but in xp the fps keeps diving frequently n smoothen after a min i am tired of this problem my dxdiag http://www.mediafire.com/?tdwdj0qj4zj my config follows as core 2 duo 2 ghz 4bg ddr2 ram nvidia 9600m xp 32 n win7 64
  5. N

    Windows Crash after DXDiag, bad driver or card?

    Finally got my new cpu up and running. I installed windows XP first (vista later), and all my core drivers/etc. Using a Sapphire Radeon HD 4870 X2 with the drivers that came with the CD, I noticed it wasn't showing any video in the AVIVO section of the CCC. Later, I try to run DxDiag, and when...
  6. darklord_2007

    directx installation problem

    I have directx 9.0b installed on my system.Whenever i try to install 9.0c the installation overs within a second and says "The installed components are now ready for use". but when i open the dxdiag it still shows that i have directx9.0b:( pls can anyone help me
  7. G

    Direct X 9.0C ....Problemo!

    I have XPSP2 installed and tried installing NFS Most Wanted and a couple of other games too . They simply wont run.....stating that Direct X9.0C is not installed. I tried installing from the Microsoft website as well as from the Game CDs....but the moment I press install...the 'INSTALLATION...
  8. A

    DirectX problem

    Hi, I recenly re-installed WinXp and want to upgrade my DirectX from v8.1 to v9.0c. However whenever i run the DirectX 9.0c setup it shows that installation is complete (without copying any files). However dxdiag shows that no change has been made. Please help me! Is there any way to...
  9. S

    Intel gma 900 graphics mem Q

    According to intel i'm suppose to get 224mb of mem. THough i have 1GB ram , i get only 128mb ( as seen in dxdiag and etc..) .How to fix this probs ??
  10. pirates1323

    Dxdiag files error... Debug versions HElp

    Hey first I installed direct x 9.0 b and then I installed diect x summer update 2004 and when opening dxdiag from run.... I got this..... Wht should I do for those debug versions :roll: :roll: HELP
  11. sujeet2555


    my system is xp-pro with integrated sp2,directX 9b .my problem is that directx 9c refuses to install.i have tried to install from many sources but not helpful. dxdiag also shows problem of old version.i miss games that require directx 9c. :(
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