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My friend wants to do computer course in delhi.
I am suggesting him to go for Networking course...what do you suggest ?
Suggest a course which have good scope in future and duration not exceeding 3 yrs...
do tell me the Institute Name and address if possible (in delhi)

hi i am from delhi. dont consider networking couse as good for career. it is good for your knowledge, if you want to do then there is no drawback it will help you in incraesing your knowledge. If you want to make your career then consider some Languages course like `C`, "C++" and other courses like dotnet. Consider certificate courses gives you good knowledge about these courses, but certificates are not in priorties of the recruiters, but these days recruiters also consider the knowledge and ability in hands and mind not degrees. Also there are some courses offered by government like Cdac, Doeacc. Cdac is very good career making course and DOEACC is also good but not popular and also not so demandable in IT industry.
Tell me the good institutes for CISCO and microsoft certifications in Delhi or gurgaon ?
Is NIIT offers these certifications ?
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