1. V

    Gaming PC Config

    Hi All, I am planning to make the following rig myself Component Model & Specification Price (INR) --------------------------------------------------------- Processor Intel 3.4 GHz 4690K i5 4th gen 17300 MotherBoard ASRock Z97 Extreme3 MB 10400 Graphics Card Gigabyte Nvidia GtX 970...
  2. R

    Need to share a drive over a network.

    Hi, I work in a small analytics setup of 10-15 people, and I need to share a drive present on the master computer (a desktop) so that all the people on the network (wifi connection) can use that shared drive using given credentials for retrieving files (large datasets). The drive size is over...
  3. ajayritik

    Issues with Strontium Pen Drive while using as USB drive to play music in car

    I had purchased Strontium Nitro 16Gb Class 10 MicroSDHC UHS-1 (With Card reader & MicroSD Adapter) some time back. The main purpose was to play songs on my car stereo which has USB Support. For the past week I observe that the songs keep getting stuck while playing and all of sudden I get...
  4. K

    ASUS K555LJ-XX131D Windows 7 load problem? cd/dvd drive device driver missing?

    ASUS K555LJ-XX131D(free dos) During installing from USB , getting Error :"cd/dvd drive device driver missing...." Tried:Unplug the USB DVD drive when you get back to the Welcome screen Plug the DVD drive into a different USB port Click Install Now to proceed with the installation how...
  5. A

    Need help in buying ASUS Strix GTX 970 regarding the lengths

    Hello, I want to buy ASUS Strix GTX 970 4GB and the card length is mentioned as 11 inches. And I am worried if it would fit in my Cooler Master Elite 311 Cabinet (old model, the one with the PSU in the top) with the hard drive bays intact. I know it will fit if the hard drive bay is removed...
  6. K

    Hard drive suddenly stops working, led indicator not flashing.

    My new laptop is acting strange; the hard drive seems to freeze and nothing works when I click on programs or applications. The HDD led is also not flashing, I wait for couple of minutes and the hdd starts gearing up. This problem occurs when the laptop is not active, I ran diagnostic tools...
  7. ax3

    Ide/Pata drive not showing !!!

    hi, i have a i3 processor with 8 gb ram, 1tb sata drive, 40 gb ide/pata drive ... few days back my power supply gave out so i got a new one ... after pluging it, my old ide/pata drive doesnt showup in bios & windows ... tried solo boot (ide has xp installed) also bt no effect ... its working...
  8. bestpain

    [Complaint] very poor wd service

    i had submitted my defective wd 1tb hdd at the drop point on 29 may since pickup was not avalilable....but it has been more than 20 days and i havent got the replacement drive....when i contact wd they are telling the same thing everytime that the replacement drive has been shipped and they dont...
  9. G

    Western digital 3tb external my book hdd?

    Hello, to all of you. I just recently bought a new 3TB My Book Western Digital external Hdd, whenever I start this hdd in normal mode of Windows 7 64 bit, it takes too much time to initialize the whole directory structure so that I can use, even sometimes its light blinks for the whole night and...
  10. A

    psu for hd 6670

    Plz looking for cheap And a8 3870k 8g ddr3 ram 1tb hdd Disk drive 500gb HDD Hd 6670 ddr5 1 gb
  11. W

    Need help assembling a good gaming rig . [ 2 Lakh Rs Budget ]

    Need suggestions for CPU,Motherboard,RAM,GPU,PSU,Hard Drive,DVD Drive, Monitor and Cabinet .
  12. M

    Sandisk 64 GB Dual Drive gives error on my mobile phone

    recently i bought 64 GB sandisk dual drive for use on my androide 4.2.1 device. earlier I was using 32 GB sandisk dual drive since one year on same phone i.e. XOLO Q700. but surprisingly i found that its showing message ""External USB storage is damaged" bu t it works perfectly fine when...
  13. Ironman

    Sandisk Dual Drive 3.0 - Bought One

    So I just Bought a New USB Dual Drive - USB 3.0 Version - 64 GB Product Link: SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 If you guys have any questions about it , i may be able to answer them .
  14. K

    Backup or not

    Hi Guys, When we insert the pen drive into the laptop, there comes a dialog box on the desktop showing more options to choose. Out of options, the one is “USE THIS DEVICE FOR BACKUP” (using Windows Backup). How to check up whether I have enabled this option or not for the backup of...
  15. B

    How to Erase Data from HDD

    Hello i am going to sell my HDD so just wanted to make sure that there are no Data on my HDD. Please advise whether just Formatting the Drive will be sufficient or i have to do anything else to be sure ?
  16. ajayritik

    Need to fix the Back Port of SATA DVD ROM Drive

    I have a SATA DVD ROM Drive. Due to frequent removing of the Data cable which is connected to the back end of the DVD Rom drive some of the pins from the back of the DVD ROM drive have come off. Is there anyway to fix the back port of the DVD ROM drive?
  17. Genius-jatt

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files

    How to copy OS from one HDD to another HDD with all files Dear all members please help me by suggesting the best software which can copy or make image of C drive means the Operating system with installed software with all settings to another HDD. As all know the big worry is loosing some...
  18. A

    Seagate 1TB Internal Drive @3290/-, Should I be worried?

    I'm getting Seagate 1TB @3290/- THE ABOVE drive isn't "Seagate Barracuda", it's only Seagate. Does that make a difference? The 'cuda drive is on sale for ₹3649/- 1. Should I be worried about anything? 2. Should I prefer WD over Seagate? 3. What are the failure rates of this drive...
  19. A

    WHY is WD Caviar Blue 1 TB drives so expensive and sparingly available @e-retail shops?

    I'm a lazy guy, hence I do 100% of my shopping online. I don't understand why are WD Blue 1 TB Internal SATA drives costing upwards of ₹4200/- (Flipkart) & ₹4800/- (Amazon) when Segate 1 TB can be bought for ₹3290/- (Amazon) ? Can I get WD Blue 1 TB Drives cheap locally? (@Lamington Rd...
  20. Ironman

    NSA malware found hiding in hard drives for almost 20 years

    Bad news, geeks. Someone out there figured out how how to hide persistent, invisible espionage malware inside the firmware of your hard drives. Now it’s been discovered that they’ve been using it to spy on targets for nearly 20 years. This particular piece of malware is delivered via modified...
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