1. T

    Firefox download problem.

    For last couple of days , i've not been able download from my firefox browser. It asks me to save. But the download doesn't start after that. I use firefox custom downloader
  2. casanova

    Opera Download Manager Woes! No more

    oGet for Opera supports the following download managers. Just install it and enjoy. You can download the latest version from here To know more, you can read the article here
  3. W

    Firefox screwing up "Downloads"

    I am dowloading this file using the Ctrl+J option in FF, it's downloading XX% completed, and suddenly it breaks off. Saves the incomplete file and "download complete". Once it deleted the downloaded file by itself?!!? I prefer an external downloader, but u cannot have those downloaders...
  4. K

    Resume downloads from megaupload for files being downloaded by Firefox!!

    Resume downloads from megaupload for files being downloaded by Firefox!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetz Ppl, _khAttAm_ with another tutorial here. Imagine you are downloading a large file with firefox from megaupload and it is almost...
  5. thilina

    Downloader for X

    Downloader 4 X displays all file size informations,download speeds in can I configure these to be in KB's?
  6. hbk549

    Fastest Torrent Downloader

    I have dail up which connects at 48kbps can any one tell me if there any high speed torrent downloader.....
  7. dreamcatcher

    rapidshare help

    well you see while downloading frm rapidshare i face many probs.even when downloading with flashget the download does not through 35 mbi.e i geta max download of 28 mb even for a 8 mb file.the download just doesnt go through fully.using the firefox or internet explorer inbuilt downloader i am...
  8. desertwind

    Batch Downloader

    Is there any batch downloader available for gnu/linux ?
  9. plsoft

    Magical Mass Downloader!!!!!

    for those who said downloading at a speed of more than 180 kbps with a 64 kbps internet connection was impossible, or "theoritical speed" they would say, here is to prove them wrong. i downloaded the latest office 2003 sp2 from within 9 min 24 secs with a speed b/w 180-230 kbps. I...
  10. S

    For all modem speciallists using BSNL connection

    Some problems that i am facing 1) Opera always shows network problem and does not open any site 2) No Secure site Opens 3) I tuned my modem by TUNEUP UTILITIES2004 how to roll back 4) Tell me a free downloader except DAP and FLASHGET 5) Yahoo Messenger doesn't signs in i use kaspersky...
  11. expertno.1

    wap site downloader

    hey guys i know about many softwares which can download whole websites such as Offline eplorer and web stripper BUT is there any software wich can download WHOLE WAP SIRES(cards) using the internet on my pc ? well this is this possible coz we need such software which has inbuit...
  12. T

    opera download help

    hi geeks! i'm using opera7.51. I want to know how can i download files in opera using a third pirty download accelerator such as fresh download or mass downloader. which is the best download accelerater for opera and for internet explorer? thanx. waiting 4 a smart response.
  13. S

    use DAP in OPERA

    I would like to set up Download accelerator plus7.2 as default downloader for opera 7.54 with java
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