Magical Mass Downloader!!!!!

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for those who said downloading at a speed of more than 180 kbps with a 64 kbps internet connection was impossible, or "theoritical speed" they would say, here is to prove them wrong. i downloaded the latest office 2003 sp2 from within 9 min 24 secs with a speed b/w 180-230 kbps. I dont know how it happened, but does anyone have an explaination for this?

And pls dont tell me this is the speed what mass downloader is showing. It really did it.


In the zone
How much u downloaded in 9 min 24 secs
i mean MB

also did u have 64 kbps internet connection installed recently . if yes they have by mistake given u more speed .


hey man u using sify............
happened with me 3 times ... randomly.......:)( dont know howe)
u just login and boom the speed is 2.5 mbps........ and i downloaded whole service pack 2 in about 20 minutes
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