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well you see while downloading frm rapidshare i face many probs.even when downloading with flashget the download does not through 35 mbi.e i geta max download of 28 mb even for a 8 mb file.the download just doesnt go through fully.using the firefox or internet explorer inbuilt downloader i am through to a ma of 25 mb.plz help how to get through large downs in rapid plllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help.


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Sometimes, deleteing the cookies (from the internet properties option) may solve ur problem, so jus giv it a try. I hope ur using a Premium Account for the same becaouse only Premium account users can take help of Download Managers and Resume/stop broken d/loads.

If ur a free member and still taking help of Download Managers to d/load ur stull then u wont be successful...

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There are many methods to bypass this problem.

If you searched in the Tutorials section in the thread on Megaupload bypass by Vishal, you would know what i'm talking about.;)

Basically, the principle is to get a Proxy, then use it so that rapid share server doesnt know whether you're Premium or General user.

All this can be done simply by a software called Rapid Leecher

PS: I'm not sure whether this is legal or not, but try it only at your own risk..


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just google 4 "rapidshare hacking"

pls do not encourage users for wrong things.but tweaks like use of proxy are allowed infact there a tut on it in tutorials section.


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those tools also just use proxies and most of em r not illegal.but those tools come under this name


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The things wat u guys hv been discussing comes under the Label of Cracking... Please it is perfectly ILLEGAL to use s/wares tat bypass ur proxy settings for I.E or any such browsers...

MEga leecher, Rapid L:eecher are all Cracked versions of these s/wares wich bypass ur settings and make u a Premium user even thou u r a FRee user.. SO Beware buys.. its illegal to discuss here... (mods clarify..)

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Using proxies or any other sort of hack whatsoever doesn't work with RapidShare. I searched it high and low but the result is NIL. The best thing was RapGet. It automates your RapidShare downloads. All you have to do is enter the links.
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