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  1. T

    best FPS games??

    :cool: i am mad about first person shooting games..... so which games i should play..as i have played call of duty , halo, doom 3... so what's more .......??:confused:
  2. blademast3r

    Doom 3 settings problem

    Hi guys...I run doom 3 on my comp at med settings...With Bump mapping and high q spl effects enabled i get abt 25-30 fps...the problem is that each time the game starts these 2 options ae disabled and i hav to manually enable them each time i start the a game... I dont want to do this every...
  3. S

    whats doom 3 roe's story based on?

    hey i wanna know the story of doom 3 ressurection of evil, or just whats the game based on?
  4. Stalker

    Toughest game to beat

    I say it's DOOM 3
  5. R

    Doom R.O.E & DOOM3

  6. blackleopard92

    decent graphics card for DOOM 3

    Well, I have been perparing for IITJEE and other exams for 3 yrs, hence couldn't update my system. Now, I just got doom 3 and I wanted to enquire which graphics card will make it run smoothly on 800x600 in least budget. I don't particularly need all the bell and whistles, but decent...
  7. C

    DOOM ( based on game ) Dwayne Johson Movie Review

    DOOM is one of those movies that has been in what's called "development hell." Development Hell is a lot like the regular Hell, except the demons are all wearing expensive suits and can't make a decision about anything to save their afterlives. They throw half-baked ideas about a particular...
  8. M

    what graphic card should i opt for

    help me out people, im about to get a new pc i have opted for p4 3.2, a 945g chipset, 1 gb ddr2, 80 gb sata harddisk. but im really confused on wat graphics should i get. i had xfx 6600 gt on my mind but then i read about 6800 gs. im just a casual gamer and want good graphics...
  9. deathvirus_me

    Ngage Games on 6680/6681/6682 .....

    Welll i own a 6681 and i've tried the following games on my mobile and found that they are working absolutely fine and sometimes even better : Fifa 2004 Rayman 3 Ashen Carmageddon 3D Xanadu Splinter Cell : Team Stealth Action Other games that are worth mentioning : Doom 3D Bond...
  10. H

    unable to kill doom 3 monster

    guys i'm in the 'artifacts dig site' of doom 3 and i've tried everything to kill the giant monster using all types of weapons. i think that i am doing some thing wrong it is simply unaffected.i even tried god mode but no matter what i do nothing happens. please help...
  11. H

    which 1 do you like more?..'QUAKE 4' OR 'DOOM 3'

    I've been playin doom 3 for about a week now and just tried my hands on quake 4; liked both of them since i'm comparatively new to both games , I'm very curious what people who've alredy played both think. should i spend my time playin doom 3 to it's end or play quake 4 more? :?
  12. club_pranay

    Good News For All DOOM Lovers!! - Doom - the movie

    Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak Writer(s): Wesley Strick, Dave Callaham Cast: The Rock, Karl Urban, Rosamund Pike, Deobia Oparei, Ben Daniels, Raz Adoti, Richard Brake, Al Weaver, Yao Chin, Dexter Fletcher
  13. ammusk

    DOOM III Vs. Half Life 2 Engine Wars

    In this topic i would like to find out which engine ( doom III or Half Life 2 Source) do u guys feel more comfortable with i.e. which ones graphics, effects, physics, AI, etc. is better personally i like the source engine which powers Half Life 2 because i think the one which powers doom III...
  14. A

    Gaming PC

    Hey Guys, I m thinking of buying a pc to play games like doom, hl 2 etc etc my budget is 30k pls help
  15. A

    Enemy Territory - Quake Wars

    well when most of us think of doom engine one thinks of closed dark environment people have got misconception that it cannot render outdoor environment then think again a new game called That is Enemy Territory: The Quake Wars. being made on doom engine see it in full power in this screen shot...
  16. zodiac_511

    Sound Problem

    Ultimately I bought my new system. It has a MSI K89 Diamond Mobo with a Sound Blaster 24 bit Live! (onboard) and Creative Inspire 4400 4.1 Channel speakers .I have installed games like Doom 3 ,Nolf 2 ,GTA SA ,etc etc etc... .The problem is that when playing GTA SA I don't hear the sound of...
  17. V

    Doom 3

    I am playing Doom 3 in lowest quality settings: 640X480X32 without any shadows and special effects enabled and I think that's the only wayto get flexible FPSon my sys, so can please anyone suggest me to increase frame rates in high resolutions like 1024X768? My sys is 2.8, 512, 128 MB Ati 9000...
  18. I

    DOOM exit messages

    doom is the most awesomest amazingest coolest game ever....n now da movies coming in october 21st with the rock as sarge. heres the trailer....dam cool.... http://media.filmforce.ign.com/media/490/490104/vid_1183841.html did u no if u type IDDQD, IDKFA, n all of those in doom 3, it says...
  19. royal

    Help me make a choice

    Can anybody suggest a good card within 10K with which I can play DOOM 3 at 1024x768 and which can be overclocked ? :D
  20. M

    Games for 6600

    Hi guys Can you tell me some sites where i can download games for my nokia 6600. I need some games like DOom , SC etc .
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