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  1. iMav

    Samsung OLED Product Roadmap Shows 40-inch TVs in 2010

    OLED fans will have to be patient, as Samsung's roadmap for the technology shows them only in small handheld devices for this year and next, ramping up to laptop and desktop displays in '09 and finally 40-inch TVs in 2010. After these TVs invade your home and take all your money in the process...
  2. Y

    Norton antivirus problem

    hi i am facing one problem i am using norton 2003 with latest updates when i am scaning my system it shows some viruses but it also displays access is denied like that plz help me how can i solve this problem
  3. ComputerUser

    CMOS problem...

    When I start my computer, it displays "CMOS/GPNV CHECKSUM BAD". What is the meaning?
  4. arunks


    pEOPLE who know C or c++ plz help me int a=10,s; s= ++a + a++ + --a + a--; what would be the poutput for s?? according to me it should be 44 but when i run this code in C it displays 40... why is it so... plz anybdy help me to understand that? but if i use this int a=10,s...
  5. arunks

    help me urgently to understand this in C

    int a=10,s; s= ++a + a++ + --a + a--; what would be the poutput for s?? according to me it should be 44 but when i run this code in C it displays 40... why is it so... plz anybdy help me to understand that? but if i use this int a=10,s; printf("%d",++a + a++ + --a + a--); this code...
  6. Manshahia

    Intruder Blocked??

    I hav installed outpost firewall and it displays this message... wat is it??
  7. iMav

    Plasma & LCD TV, what are they ...

    A little something which along with my xp=vista tut was also pending ... Gone are the days of the CRT ... i have been reading about these 2 technologies which are changing the TVs we watch and to my surprise they being in our syllabus i decided to compile this text in which i will try my level...
  8. blackpearl

    Vista like taskbar thumbnail preview in WinXP

    The How-To Geek site details how to tweak Visual ToolTip so it displays a thumbnail when you mouse over a window's entry on the taskbar. http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows/get-vista-taskbar-thumbnail-previews-in-windows-xp/
  9. joey_182

    can' collect information

    hey guys... i m using XP SP2 and when i start this apllication from system tools "system information" then it displays this "can't collect information" so how can i get rid o this problem??
  10. Desmond

    IE 6 not working

    IE 6 does not work. If I type any URL in the Address Bar, I do not get any site and the Status bar displays 'Done'. Please Help!!
  11. Y

    Unable to download from rapidshare.com

    I want to download the following file from rapidshare.com. I paste the following link in address bar : snip in the next page I select FREE Button In Next page, after counter completes, page displays : No Premium User, Please Enter : and A Image file displays which I had Attached with...
  12. pra_2006

    Some Secret CODES for Nokia Cell Phones

    hi friends i got this from one web site i thought to share with u so here it is - Here are some nokia mobile secret codes that i came accross.I found them to be working. But try them at your own risk *3370# This Nokia code activates Enhanced Full Rate Codec (EFR) - Your Nokia cell...
  13. C

    cloning hard disks

    Dear friends, I have a laptop hdd(2GB) which is used in canon multifunction device(copier cum printer) that contains some software & fonts (pcl & ps) . Now i want to clone the hdd to another one. most of the software i tried displays that unallocated disk, i could not achieve...
  14. G

    avast antivirus

    Can Anybody Please Tell That How Can I Register Avast Antivirus. It Will Expire Soon And It Is Asking For Its Registration. When I Click On Register Avast It Displays That This File Is Not Found. So Now How Can I Register? Regards, Gaurav
  15. mihirvashist

    Lcd With Built In Xp

    source:engadget.com -------------------------------------------------------------- If you though that Apple's 20-inch iMac was an impressive all-in-one computer, just wait till you hear about Samsung's new 40-inch 400PXn and 46-inch 460PXn LCD displays, both of which feature embedded versions of...
  16. P

    problems with arch linux

    I got an iso, which I wrote onto a cd. In my desktop, the cd boots and displays the first screen. when I start the setup, something goes on(I don't know what, coz i'm new to linux and I can't figure out the meanings of what is displayed there) and then all of a sudden, system restarts and the...
  17. R

    atrix cabinet

    hi techies.......... can ne one tell me how much will an atrix cabinet cost. i don know the model but the one which displays all the informations about the cabinet like gpu temp... cpu temp fan speed etc.
  18. M

    Problem with Windows XP

    Recently I have faced a problem with my os (Win XP Pro with SP2). The problem is: When I logged in with a user name the system stopped reponding. Only the wallpaper displays on the screen and nothing else. No Icon, No Start Menu. What is the problem? How can it be solved.
  19. thetopcyborg

    Connectix VGS compatibility issue

    Hey guys, I donwloaded the Connectix VGS(Virtual Game Station) from p2p and after installing it and adding the registry entries, i ran the exe.... first, it showed that it is compatible only with win95 and 98..i resolved this by running it in compatible modes for 98(i use xp) the other...
  20. choudang

    Nokia key codes

    hey guys .... can you give me the key codes for nokia with model no. e.g. All Models: *#0000#: displays version *#06# displays Serial no i know that for 3315 there is a code for imerg battery charge code like *#3307# or something like that ... i forgot that.... now i need the Restore...
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