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  1. M

    Wireless Combo?

    Guyzzz, please suggest one good wireless keyboard / mouse full size.... most of the Logitech products were discontinued now(MK520 & MK710:-(:-() Does any one have Microsoft 6000 V3 keyboards?
  2. M

    Cooler for overclocking AMD 955BE

    I have AMD 955BE proc running at stock. I am planning to overclock it to around 3.8 - 4 GHz range for which I am looking for a good CPU cooler. I had shortlisted CM Hyper 212 Evo but it is not available anywhere. I also liked Noctua NH-U12P SE2 but found that it is now discontinued. Which...
  3. D

    iphone 5 discontinued? now what do i do?

    Hi guys, I have a question. I bought an unlocked imported iphone 5 for 35000 in feb. Since it is discontinued, what would be its expected resale value after an year or so? will it take a plunge???? Should i sell it off right now to minimize any further loss?
  4. W

    VSonic GR02 vs GR06?

    Guys, Looking to buy a good set of IEM. Zeroed in GR02 and GR06...though i want to go ahead with GR02, thought of thinking about GR06 as well? Also is GR06 discontinued? Earphone This doesn't have it :-?
  5. V

    Is HD6990 still alive?

    Well. So I was jobless enough to search for 6990 and was surprised to see that it is better than 680 and ~ equal to 690. (Source: hwcompare) well, then I also looked it up in flipkart only to find that it has been "PERMANENTLY DISCONTINUED". If it's the third best card in the world, why has it...
  6. H

    HP Laptops

    The HP India website seems not updated with all the laptops in their profile. Can anyone provide the list of all HP laptops which are currently being sold by HP (i.e. which are not discontinued) and their prices?
  7. D

    Suggestion for best laptop under 40k

    I would like to buy a laptop under 40k. I have three choices, plz help me in choosing: 1. HP Pavillion dv6 6015tx (Please tell me about this product if u know, if it has got some issues or not, suddenly I am finding it to be discontinued in HP India website, but customer care says, it has not...
  8. J

    Google Nexus S discontinued ??

    I went to a Samsung retail store in Forum Bangalore looking for a Google Nexus S.. He says they have been discontinued ... is that true ???
  9. S

    Logitech X540 Is Discontinued from India :-(

    Hello all, I dicided Now to Buy Logiect X540 spekers this Week and they said It will be waiting for 10 days. I start waiting and Now I get a call That It has Been Discontinued...... Man I want It Badly Please Can U Suggest me any place i can buy it or just order it. My vendor...
  10. mithun199

    5320XM discontinued?

    hi guys... heard that nokia has stopped the manufacture of 5320 xpressmusic 3g mobile... i cant find it in the nokia india website either.. can anyone confirm this plz cuz i thought of buying this lovely fone...
  11. soumya

    Microsoft Encarta to be Discontinued

    On October 31, 2009, MSN® Encarta® Web sites worldwide will be discontinued, with the exception of Encarta Japan, which will be discontinued on December 31, 2009. Additionally, Microsoft will cease to sell Microsoft Student and Encarta Premium software products worldwide by June 2009. We...
  12. N


    HP DV5 1015TX is officially discontinued .. I have checked out other models but none are even as powerful as that one.. PLZZZ suggest me any other laptop wid a compareable configuration.... Thanx in advance
  13. A

    Digit Archive ? ? ?

    Anyone know what happened to Digit Archive? I cannot find it anywhere on the discs and when I try to update it online, there is some error(.NET framework error). Any idea why they discontinued this very useful piece of software? Can anyone tell me in which month was the setup of AVG Free...
  14. royal

    Looking for Z5300

    Well the title says it all...I am looking for Logitech Z5300. I know it's been discontinued but every now and then I keep hearing about old stocks. However my serach to get one in Kolkata has been unsuccessful so far :( Actually I got one but then it came sans the 2 year warranty :x So can any...
  15. sagardani

    5.1 Speakers dilemma...

    I know this question has been asked several times on this forum. But my situation is bit different. I want 5.1 speakers with budget around 10-12k... So there are only Logitech G51 and AL FX5051 currently available within this budget. FX5051 are under powered (89w) compared to G51 (155w) and...
  16. Pathik

    NOP Discontinued in Mumbai

    The Airtel NOP service has been discontinued in Mumbai w.e.f. 22 Feb.. However existing NOP customers can still avail of the service at the same prices.. So don't discontinue your NOP or you might not be able to activate it again.
  17. P

    Is altec lansing AHS502i available in india?

    I want to buy altec lansing AHS502i.But couldnt find it anywhere.I want whether it ia discontinued or will be available
  18. ╬Switch╬

    Google ANSWERS discontinued!!!!

    Does anyone know why ANSWERS has been discontinued??????? Feels quiet strange to me.
  19. izzikio_rage

    Asus A8N VM and SATA?

    does the Asus A8N VN (not the CSM version) support TV out and firewire? also how does it compare with the RS 482 . Also my dealer says the MSI RS 482 is about to be discontinued is this true? Also is buying a SATA hard drive worth the extra 300 bucks? thanks
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