1. D

    Tp link router disconnecting

    At first i thought some kind of Internet problem but the router keeps disconnecting and reconnecting. I have resetted many times but same thing happens. Sometimes it does not connect and i have problem connecting the modem settings. Is my router failing?
  2. S

    BSNL EVDO Card(Prithvi) Dissconnection problem

    hello friends, I have bought BSNL EVDO Card (prithvi) recently.From the first day Modem is disconnecting itself in every 5-10 min,while it get connected it is giving me Good downloading speed(250-300KBps)(Snap shot is attactched).But most of the time it Shows the following errors "Connect...
  3. clmlbx

    goflex keeps disconnecting

    I have seagate 500GB usb3.0 external hard-disk that keeps disconnecting by itself.. disconnection is so frequent that you can't even see folder contents.. I am connecting it to usb 2.0 slot.. Let me mention few points 1. I have little old machine so I don't have window 7 drivers installed...
  4. Artemis

    Problems with Dota being disconnected!!!

    Whenever i play Dota on Lan, or ad-hoc wifi, the problem is that i keep on disconnecting from the game, but not the network... I have played complete games on it without disconnecting for a few times, but then dc'ng has become a major problem, all drivers are up to date Connecting thru a...
  5. hayabusa_ryu

    Download manager problem

    hi I cannot download with download manager xcept IDM. The errors I get r : with ORBIT : connection failed socket error 11004. It's keep connecting n disconnecting but never download. with DOWNLOAD ACCELERATOR Connection failed. ANY SUGGESTION n HELP. THANK U
  6. smile

    Plzz help internet problem

    I had earlier posted my net connection problems here and now what i did is formatted the system , connected a LAN card ....everything is fine than before but its disconnecting frequently again when i connect its connects but why is the problem persist....and one more thing my LAN LED is red in...
  7. A

    bypass rapidshare/megaupload trick question

    im no expert so im asking... @echo off echo ipconfig /flushdns ipconfig /flushdns echo ipconfig /release ipconfig /release echo ipconfig /renew ipconfig /renew exit if i write this in txt and then change it to bat, will it be the same as writing it in the command prompt ? using those lines is...
  8. virus_killer

    Wireless network disconnecting.

    I am sharing internet connection through friend's laptop to my laptop using wi-fi, now the problem is it is getting disconnecting after every few minutes ( 5 or 10 mins ) , i have tried to find out but i couldn't find any solution , can you guys pleas tell me how can i solve that ? We both...
  9. R

    Nokia 3230

    Hi Im new to this forum, can any body help in troubleshooting Nokia 3230. I have cleaned Circuit board with Isopropellent disconnecting all accessories like keypad, camera and LCD. will it damage any components. Thankyou, Ravi
  10. rakeshishere

    Dialup connection slowdown?????

    I got my pc just 3 months back.....I got dialup connection immediately after i got my comp...I am using bsnl dialup...Dialup connection is generally 56k but i intially got speeds like 52-54k which after a month reduced to 48k and then 30k....and now i get around 18-19k....i tried disconnecting...
  11. maharajadhiraj

    How to view the saved contacts on the computer???

    Hey guyz after updating the contact list from the mobile(i own a 6630) to the computer via USB, and after disconnecting, how can I view my contacts? And the same goes for my messages.
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