1. C

    Masters in Canada

    Hello, I completed B.C.A last month and now I am planning to do my masters in IT field in Canada. I have two options: Diploma for 1 year (Canada) + Masters in Canada or Diploma for 1 year (India) + Masters in Canada I am not really good at Quant/Maths and I am assuming that if I do...
  2. Revolution

    Looking for help regarding study from Architect Engineering Student

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestion on Architect Engineering Diploma.
  3. rahul_c

    Poor student, career options.

    I am a below average student just appeared for 12th this year, I think I will not be able to clear Math exam. Just to get my head clear, I want to know what are my options if I fail or get compartment? If I fail I think I will have to do a diploma, how bad is it to do diploma. I was thinking of...
  4. T

    Help Plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Im a Btech result waiting guy..but i dont think I will complete it due some personal affairs.Guys I want a job now itself..I have done CCNA,MSCE. I hav gt 75% in +2.Or can u suggest some less duration diploma cousre in computer science.Plz Can U Help me..Im in a very incredibly worst...
  5. S

    Diploma + CCNA + CCNP + More ??

    Hi I am in my final year diploma and in final year i will get around 76% agg. But for final year, atlteast 85% are min to get god admission in college or we need to pay like 5+ lac just for donation :shock: So, what if i do some other choice instead of degree. Diploma + CCNA + CCNP +...
  6. H

    Diploma course in animation

    Best Diploma course in animation ?
  7. H

    Diploma in Animation

    IS Diploma in Animation good career ?
  8. A

    A Very Costly Kiss: Senior Denied Diploma

    Source:Yahoo For teens, there is no greater joy than graduating high school. Shaking off the shackles of education and claiming that hard-fought diploma is truly an epic day. Unfortunately, for several students at Bonny Eagle High School in Maine, their natural exuberance has led to some...
  9. D

    Help !!! regarding studies abroad

    i M studying in 2ND YEAR DIPLOMA in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. This is a three year diploma course & after 3 years i wish to study abroad, so could u pls. suggest me which is a good country & a universities where i can pusue my further carrer ????
  10. constantine

    Need help figuring out where to join for Game developement course ?

    I need to find out which institute in india or abroad offers the best course on game developement. i would like to take up a degree course not a diploma nor certificate course. please suggest some institutes - thee courses and the fee rating. Thanks.
  11. dashang

    About Degree Admission Process [URGENT]

    1] I have heard something as CAP rounds for admission. Earlier we just used to fill out forms and look out for name in list. But now it seems that we have to give entrance exams I DONT KNOW WHAT IS CAP ROUND. AND I HAVE PASSED DIPLOMA IN IT AND I DONT KNOW WHAT IS CAP ROUND ?? AND HOW...
  12. D

    Secondary education

    Hi friends, I am studying in class X CBSE. My father has a manufacturing industry which manufactures gauges for machine components and many other things. I am very good at maths, IT but i am terrible in Kannada Language I study in Karnataka. Now after 10TH whether I should study PUC...
  13. R

    get MCA by correspondence

    Hi, I have done Diploma in Civil Engineering with diploma in Computer Technologies from polytechnic and 5 yrs of programming experience, is there any way by which i can do MCA by correspondence. Thanks in advance Rajesh
  14. D

    Unable to choose Animation Institute

    Hello Guyz , I am from lucknow . And just passed my Intermediate Exam . now i have decided to do diploma in animation (complete diploma). Could you guyz plz prefer me very good college in India . (even i don't the name of any colleges) GRT THX Guyz
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