1. R

    Sony LED Dolby output

    hi i have sony LED with Dolby® Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse if i play HD 1080p movie in it will i be able to get 5.1 surround effect in edifire da5000pro spekars? which dont have active dolby and its 5.1 system
  2. R

    Sony LED Dolby output

    hi i have sony LED tv with Dolby® Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Pulse if i 1080p HD movies from Harddisk or PD in it.. and connect tv to 5.1 DA5000pro which dont have dolby and its 5.1 will i be able to get 5.1 effect??
  3. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Gujarat CM Narendra Modi Launches State Wide WiFI Services in Association with Reliance Jio

    Gujarat, chief minister Narendra Modi today launched e-nagar project and made eight localities of Ahmedabad city WiFi enabled under the Government ‘Digital Gujarat’ scheme in association with Pan India 4G operator Reliance Jio. Presently WiFi service is Free for 3 months and available in 8...
  4. true_lies

    Gamepad Analog Sticks

    I bought myself the Enter E-GPV gamepad. Using it to play NFS - HP & MW. I configured the analog sticks in the game. but they are working as digital triggers. means that if i turn the analog stick a little bit to the right, the game or rather the gamepad makes the car turn full right as if you...
  5. sudhir_3193

    best digital speakers under 12000rs

    hi, friends one of my friend needs good speaker with digital input to connect with led tv. His budget is 12000rs.
  6. V

    Basic Home theater with Digital Optical audio Input

    I own a LG 42inch LCD that only has the fiber optic digital output for audio. That's the dumbest idea ever for a low end LCD system and it doesn't have even a 3.5mm audio output Can someone suggest a basic home theater system which supports optical digital input? I checked and found few...
  7. vidhubhushan

    opening or converting $TS file created by DVR

    any software to play or convert $TS file created by digital tv DVRs? :-?
  8. R

    Need DAC under 5k?

    Sorry Guyz I know their is already thread for DAC but my need are different. I Want to Connect my Latest HDTV which has only Digital Optical Out to transfer sound but I have old Stereo Amplifier which only supports Analog Input . so i was making my mind to Buy DAC. i was looking on this website...
  9. R

    Best DAC under 5k

    Please Suggest me best DAC(Digital to Analog Converter) . I want to Connect My HDTV with Old Stereo Amplifier with help of DAC..please Wuld u Suggest me any good DAC under 5k? .Im searching on this website since its an only indian website where their are good DAC are available? Search - DAC
  10. S

    Suggestion for Digital camera below 10k

    I want to buy digital point and shoot camera. My budget is Rs. 10k. Kindly suggest me the best deal for the above requirement. Also, please suggest me the criteria for the selection of the digital cameras. Thanks in Advance.:lol::lol:
  11. Sankalp Tripathi

    Where to buy game cards for games on facebook ?

    i am particularly looking for buying a game card for a's mafia wars by Zynga.zynga used to sell these cards.From what my friend told me it can be physically collected from reliance digital and all.but i have searched and can not find it. if you know about any such hub to find cards...
  12. RCuber

    Looking out for a LED TV [60-70K]

    so my dad finally decided to retire our old TV, so my research starts now. Budget 60-70K MAX. Size: 39/40/42 Type: Passive 3D. Time of Purchase: in one month. I was surprised with my fathers decision for on selecting on a 3D TV as I hate 3D, but he and my sis in law saw a 3D demo...
  13. amjath

    Canonical - $32 million - Failed; QSAlpha - $3.2 million - ???

    Quasar IV - The World's First Self-Authenticated Cipherphone Designed To Protect Your Digital Identity. The making of the Quasar IV is a project that is designed to reinstate personal liberty to the internet. Based on the world's most advanced security concepts and a trusted-authentication...
  14. hari1

    Buying high quality digital wrist watch

    I want to buy a new digital wrist watch. I have got enough of those chinese watches whose colour keeps diminishing with time and get malfunctioning very quickly. I usually keep wearing the watch all the time even when sleeping and thus the colour of the chinese watches gets deteriorated...
  15. N

    Purchasing Digital Media Player with a built in facility for Surfing Internet on TV

    Dear All, I would like to purchase the Digital Media Player which supports Most no of Video and audio formats and also will be able to surf internet, WD TV Live hub is good, but one is unable to surf the internet. Kindly suggest the other alternatives. What about EVO TV from amkette...
  16. Prongs298

    effect of torrents on hard disks....

    i am speaking from personal experiences, that the daily use of utorrent to download torrents has a very bad effect on hard disks. the constant reads and writes. i think there is a limit. and due to torrents that gets closer. now i have got 3 dead hdds (10 year old 40GB seagate, 7 year old 80GB...
  17. V

    connection hadphone TV digsital output optical

    Now I have connected my headphone to 3.5 mm jack at the back of TV samsung LA46D550 46" someody suggested taht I can get a cable with RCA 2 pins one side and 3.5mm hack female othr side and connect one of the pins of RCA pin to digital ouput opitcal and the head phone to 3.5 mm jack end of...
  18. Anorion

    Etiquette in digital communities

    What improves digital community experiences, please contribute Swear words : please to use sparingly in images and words. Might drive away some kinds of people, there are very young and very old people in all communities, keep that in mind. Always be at your best behavior : this is a no...
  19. C

    Does digital signature is violated when two pdfs are joined ?

    I have two pdf files (form 16 - part a and part b) which was given to me by company. If I join them by any means, will that violate the digital signature (same in the two files) ? Please help.
  20. rst

    Help me buying digital camera

    I want to buy digital camera . budget is 10-14k I want better picture/video quality,long battery life etc. don't want to upgrade in future. My friend said that "Go for android(galaxy s4) or iphone,they have better picture /video quality than digital cameras" Is it true ??
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