1. bestpain

    growth of IT industry if going cashless?

    As we can see that most of the transactions are now cashless and payments are made online,online recharge etc. So there must be the need of programmers and developers to create,design and maintain these database,transactions. i wanted to know which jobs in IT sector will grow(like database...
  2. Cyberghost

    AMD’s Answer To Nvidia’s GameWorks, GPUOpen Announced

    As you read this AMD will have officially announced GPUOpen, a platform that delivers open source tools, graphics effects, libraries and SDKs. GPUOpen is AMD’s initiative to offer developers support with a robust set of tools and resources to extract the most out of GPUs for both gaming and...
  3. warfreak

    Unreal Engine subscription is now free

    News Unreal Engine 4: Unreal Engine 4 is free for everyone Awesome news for budding game developers out ther :-)
  4. H

    Google kills of ADT plugin of Eclipse

    So it seems like Google wants developers to use Android Studio and forget about Eclipse and it's ADT plugin. Source: ZDNet Engadgetalso reports:
  5. Vyom

    Mozilla developing a browser for web designers

    Mozilla has announced that it will unveil a new browser on November 10, which will be “built by developers for developers.” Developers can sign up to receive an email update as soon as the browser is available. The new browser is based on Firefox and will have debugging capabilities and...
  6. D

    Importing Razer Nabu

    Hi, The new smartband by Razer looks very impressive and It is available to developers at the price of $50. I am not a developer and I cannot subscribe there as a developer. Can any developer from here help me in getting the Razer Nabu? The developer will need to register and there apply for...
  7. Desmond

    Intel announces Edison: a 22nm dual-core PC the size of an SD card

    Source :
  8. avinandan012

    Another nvidia trick

    I mean wtf :evil::evil::evil::evil::evil::evil: nvdia Nvidia’s GameWorks program usurps power from developers, end-users, and AMD | ExtremeTech
  9. H

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste

    GNOME Developers Hate the Mouse, Remove Middle-Click Paste In other news, GNOME users hate GNOME developers, remove GNOME as desktop enviornment.
  10. root.king

    Apple's development center Hacked

    APPLE'S developer centre has been hacked, the tech giant has confirmed. The company's developer network - the place where apps are created - has been down for more than three days, without explanation. However, this morning Apple sent an email to developers explaining that it had...
  11. Theodre

    Fuduntu Linux is dead, bulk of team moves to Cloverleaf Linux project!!

    The fuduntu linux which was forked from fedora is Officially dicontinued or Dead!! The developers were planning on this move for a long time ago and they were to stop the Fuduntu linux after one last update Fuduntu 2013.2. But before a few days, it seems that the developers have already Moved to...
  12. Flash

    I Contribute to the Windows Kernel. We Are Slower Than Other Operating Systems. Here Is Why.

    I'm a developer in Windows and contribute to the NT kernel. (Proof: the SHA1 hash of revision #102 of [Edit: filename redacted] is [Edit: hash redacted].) I'm posting through Tor for obvious reasons. Windows is indeed slower than other operating systems in many scenarios, and the gap is...
  13. A

    Rare HD games for android

    I want 3d hd games for android which are not from the developers ea and gameloft
  14. RCuber

    Should Game developers follow Battlelog?

    Many gamers hated which DICE made gamers launch a game via a webbrowser, calling it a very stupid move. but to be frank battlelog is very good concept (it's still buggy and not without issues). searching for servers is a breeze and real deal is the amount of details it give. post match reports...
  15. Amithansda

    Is Developer's License neccessary to make Windows 8 Application?

    Hey, I am C# enthusiastic and looking forward to make some Windows 8 app for my own use. Do I need to have a Developer's License to build a App for my personal usage only. I do not want to publish that in Windows store or anything like that.
  16. Desmond

    Android ported to C#

  17. Desmond

    Google pressurizes app developers to use Google Wallet.

  18. Vyom

    Aap ki App : Datawind's initiative to built apps for Aakash Tablet

    Source: Datawind - Aapki App
  19. socrates

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support

    Samsung Developers launches Theme Designer 2.0 with bada 2.0 support
  20. arpanmukherjee1

    Stuff i'd like to share with developers/programmers

    considering how we as developers/programmers/enthusiasts feel when we were stuck at a program for frustratingly long time and one day, out of the blue, a pretty simple topic or web-site resolves that issue, as if it was nothing. the happiness i feel cannot be expressed. some links that are...
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