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Deleting account from forums

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Choto Cheeta

I dont see any BB forums comes with user persmission for deleting their own account...

Super users such as MODs / Admins has the user rights to delete a certain user account from the BB data base :)


Cool as a CUCUMBAR ! ! !
imo, just dont use\access THAT bb account .... it automatically gets deleted after few days ?


Stay Silent!
A question? Why u wanna delete? Do u wanna say bye bye to this forum? :(

The only reason:

Bhalai ka to zamana raha nahi hai, and I find theres no point in helping anyone anywhere, specially when the ppl, forget abt being thankless, are curt to point you want to abuse them.

And then when even factory workers have access to these forums, I don't find any point in sharing anything. Waise bhi most things can be googled.

imo, just dont use\access THAT bb account .... it automatically gets deleted after few days ?

nahi hota
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हॉर्न ओके प्लीज़
Well.. That's a racist comment. :mad:

He is just being sarcastic. Don't get serious stuff such as racism here! "Taunt" maar raha hai yaar! ;)

And yes, as enticer has said, I agree that that there are few people who have behaved in thankless manner and abused the helper. I am myself a victim of this. Its just that I decided to ignore that user's post in future rather than retun the abuses or leave the forum. Thats the reason I have reduced my participation in helping others. Now I am very choosy in even replying to threads. I feel its better to avoid few members and their threads. Due to this, now I don't reply to questions/problems of those members even when I know the solution. I prefer not to gel with some people.
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