HP's G Series Vs Dell's Inspiron?


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After going through HP India and Dell India sites are feel that the products are so much competitively priced that it makes a consumer a hell lot confused WHICH ONE TO BUY?

My picks:
HP G42-478TX:
i3-370m,500GB HDD,3GB RAM,512MB dedicated ATI GRAPHICS,
Price:INR 36k


Dell Inspiron 14R
i3-380m ,4gb Ram,1gb dedicated ati radeon,320 GB HDD
Price: INR 41K

Why do the vendors say HP is better Than dell?


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Re: Hp`s G Series Vs Dell`s Inspiron?

go with inspiron. you can always use an external hdd if 320gb is not sufficient but you cannot change the gfx card and proccy!!!!!! one advice, never listen to shopkeepers . they always mislead people.


Both GPU's are almost equally bad. But the Inspiron will give you a little better performance. Also note that Dell has better build-quality & service.

I would recommend that you up you budget to 45k & get the Lenovo Y560 with 1GB HD 5730. It is the best performing GPU which will handle all recent games in Med-High settings.


Right off the assembly line
guys actually i m a bit budget restricted..and will be not be playing much games..and i am ready to rUN in low quality.some of my friends also suggested that ideapad is great if one is ready to compromise some how..?
Is that true?
Plz suggest any good ideapad series laptop (14inch) in 30-37k range..
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