1. NewsBytes

    Dark Void

              To set the premise for Dark Void, Airtight Games has taken people, locations and events from history and given those a spin. The location is the ominous Bermuda Triangle, the event is the rise of Fascism in Europe and the personality out of the history books is physicist Nikola...
  2. topgear

    570 Megapixel Camera to Capture Dark Energy

    A 570 megapixel camera will launch next year to prove the existence of Dark Energy. Here's a small disclaimer: the 570 megapixel camera currently under construction isn't exactly small, and it won't end up on Walmart shelves anytime soon. Rather than replace the aging Hubble telescope...
  3. NewsBytes

    Ten must-have PC exclusive games in 2010

    10. Drakensang: The River Of Time Release Date: TBA 2010 Genre: RPG Drakensang: The Dark Eye was developed by Radon Labs and it was released in August 2008. The game had a deep combat system and good production values, but it was awfully mediocre in the storytelling department. Details on the...
  4. NewsBytes

    Batman: Arkham Asylum

      Darkness is descending upon Gotham City. The night sky is obscured by dark clouds lashing rain over a dark Gothic cityscape.  Moonlight pierces through this gloomy curtain, illuminating a deserted road—the Dark Knight approaches.   A Serious House on Serious Earth The Arkham Asylum...
  5. quan chi

    windows fonts problem please help.

    guys today i was running test drive unlimited and it suddenly crashed with a blank screen.after that i think my windows texts which were more dark became a bit light dark or grey colour.to be precise the desktop seemed a bit light i mean the sharpness was not there. so i restarted my...
  6. C

    Where to buy glasses to watch solar eclipse in Delhi?

    If you know, please tell. These glasses are special filter glasses, like dark glasses, with which we can watch the solar eclipse without harming our eyes. Thanks.
  7. ring_wraith

    The "Post Your Favourite Lyrics!" thread

    What would music be without lyrics? Go ahead and post what you think are some great lyrics. No genre, language or other restrictions! Lets just try and not post entire songs.. just post the part you love most. I'll start off : Keep you in the dark You know they all pretend Keep you in the...
  8. V

    Anybody in Gentoo

    I had tried gentoo guide many times but cant get confident , i badly need gentoo get installed , may suggestions had been poured , like gentoo guide and gentoo forums , but my precise answer are still in dark .. Any one who can quickly show hot to install gentoo , i had stage3 and portage with...
  9. Ecko

    Chrome Slate : Dark Chrome Theme By Ecko

    Chrome Slate & Green Chrome : Dark Chrome & Light Chrome Themes So everyone out there who's Google Chrome Fan here is something that gonna probably match with your Dark Desktop Chrome Slate Download Now Mirror Green Chrome Download Now Mirror TECHNICAL...
  10. Cool G5

    Dark Linux for s60 v3

    Being a Linux & Open Source enthusiast, I was thinking of making a Symbian theme for the same. I also found out that there were very few themes for s60 v3 on the lines of Linux. So I went ahead and designed a clean black theme for Linux this New Year. Hope you like it. The theme Dark Linux is...
  11. ctrl_alt_del

    The ANGRY Pixel Alone In The Dark Contest

  12. Faun

    Batman Sues Christopher Nolan Over Success Of The Dark Knight

    *io9.com/5079815/batman-sues-christopher-nolan-over-success-of-the-dark-knight lol :D
  13. H

    The Call of Cthubuntu

    A nice article at ArsTechnica today. *arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20081031-the-call-of-cthubuntu.html Hahaha, you have to give it to the author for the creative piece. My favourite line - - - The incomprehensible apparatus is an otherworldly chimaera forged by alchemical arts unknown...
  14. H

    Richard Wright (Pink Floyd) passes away!

    Pink Floyd keyboard player and founder member Richard Wright has died aged 65 from cancer. He penned songs for Wish You Were Here and The Dark Side Of The Moon. RIP :sad: Source: BBC
  15. naveen_reloaded

    Spaceship Could Fly Faster Than Light

    Travel by bubble might seem more appropriate for witches in Oz, but two physicists suggest that a future spaceship could fold a space-time bubble around itself to travel faster than the speed of light. We're talking about the very distant future, of course. The idea involves manipulating...
  16. cooldude666666

    Red line appearing in laptop display

    i have an acer aspire 5920 which i purchased in end april. Since last one month a red line appears on the right side of the monitor. This line is more prominent when the screen displays dark colours and most prominent when it displays black colour. What can be the problem? Any cure?
  17. Faun

    Can someone help me out !

    with the music playing in the background of this website. *www.mypetskeleton.com/ I really liked the melancholy dark feel in it. Only if someone remember it from some movie or band :)
  18. quad_master

    Thief:the dark project - installation problem

    Hi guys… Last weekend I decide to try some old but beautiful games…I download the ‘Thief: the dark project’ game…but when I try to install it then…oops…it gives me some directX compatibility problem :( winxp sp2 runs in my system…directX ver is 9c…plzzzz help me to troubleshoot this…I heard...
  19. G

    My List of PSP Games...

    Hi folks, Please share ur Views on PSP games.. This r the ones i own and is worth playing (and have completed 90% of it) 300 March to Glory Burnout Dominator Call of Duty Crash of the Titans Crush Daxter Dead Head Fred (Currently playing - awesome game) Dead to Right Reckonings Def...
  20. B

    Dark Display !?

    I am running Windows XP Professional with SP2. After formatting my Computer i installed all the Drivers [including video] but if i play any video it appears extremely dark! I have tried KLite - Media Player Classic VLC Player Windows Media Player 10 .. but once or twice at random the normal...
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