1. P

    Cowon EM1 vs soundmagic ES 19s which one to choose?

    Hi, im not able to decide between cowon Em1 and sound magic ES 19s which one to buy? mine current one is Cowon Em1 but its damaged after long time. so planning to buy new one and my budget is <=1 K(aprrox) suggest if any other also.
  2. beingGamer

    [Praise] Gigabyte service (motherboards)

    So last time i damaged my motherboard which I posted about on this forum here - http://www.digit.in/forum/hardware-q/195223-have-i-killed-my-motherboard.html?highlight=beinggamer+motherboard Then I bought a new motherboard which I again damaged few days back. I somehow damaged the cpu socket...
  3. A

    [Query] Nexus 5 RMA support [Playstore purchase]

    My friend purchased nexus 5 from play store on 21st Jan 2014. After using, opening nexus 5 many times, it fell in water.. He went to LG service center for repair purpose. But they told him screen has water in it and need to be replaced. Motherboard is damaged, they will replace it with new, and...
  4. A

    damaged laptop screen replacement

    http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg125/andy_65_in/lap2_zpsd6fde100.jpg http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg125/andy_65_in/lap1_zps2b904b00.jpg my usa made HP lappie screen damaged after mymobile charger accidentally fell on the keyboard.the screen extended in another led tv 21 inch is...
  5. mati17

    USB Malfunction

    Dear Forum, I recently purchased an assembled PC. The problem is with usb ports (front side on cabinet). It damaged my three card readers. I don't understand what's the reason. Someone told me that there must be current in my usb ports which damaged my card readers. How to check this ...
  6. .jRay.

    Dlink dir615 n300 problems

    I have the router which keeps on rebooting automatically despite. I tried doing a reset checked the settings but no progress. There was heavy lightning and thunderstorm in my area and the power cable was damaged, got it replaced by a cheap cable from local vendor. Did this cause the problem?
  7. C

    Negative Experience Damaged Hard Disk

    URL of product (if available still) : WD Blue WD10EZEX 1 TB Internal Hard Drive - WD: Flipkart.com Date of purchase : 29 August, 2013 Tracking ID / Order ID : OD30829092779 Your PIN Code : 390007 Courier used : Flipkart's Own Courier Praise / Complaint details : Bought from WS Retail at Rs...
  8. R

    [Query] will laptop charger be replaced under warranty ?

    I bought a dell laptop 5 months ago.. Recently I damaged the wire/cord of my laptop battery charger (it came under a heavy thing) it's not broken but highly damaged..so can it be replaced under warranty ? (rather i should ask HOW should i get it replaced? )
  9. C

    Is it possible to change wire of inear earphone

    I have Brainwavz m2 which i bought few years ago & working amazingly until yesterday but yesterday wire stuck when i was sliding keyboard & got damaged at the "Y" joint now i have to change the wire of earphone is it possible? living in Mumbai
  10. C

    New HDD slow as hell !!!!

    Hi guys, My laptop hdd just died on me so got it replaced it from dell as it was under warranty now the issue with new hdd has shown up but don't know what to make out of it.The thing is that the new games,extraction and compresion of huge files is just taking too much time.So i used hd tune...
  11. S

    Dell XPS 15:Screen Damaged and Product out of warranty;what to do now?

    Hey Everyone, My XPS 15 Screen is Damaged and the Laptop is Currently out of warranty now,Dell is Charging too much!!They're charging 11k for Screen and 9K for Warranty.After all Discounts they said we can provide a pax discount of 2K only i.e,18K total for warranty and Screen...
  12. C

    Seeking Help From iBall Sparkle 1854 Users!

    A very small help. Is 1854 capable of wall.mount? No description in specs so bit reluctant to buy. Being father of naughty kid who already had damaged last monitor I want to.hang this on wall. Please check and let me know. :-?
  13. apurvgupta1

    Is it possible to repair/replace webcam cable?

    Hey guys, i have the HCL twinklecam DC2110 webcam. I plugged it in to my pc today after a long time, and there was an error pop- "USB device not recognized". I tried various workarounds with installing drivers and uninstalling m even tried on different pc's and connecting to rear USB ports. From...
  14. R

    HTC Explorer screen damaged

    Hi My HTC Explorer accidentally fell in water. As a result the screen has been damaged i guess. I think I should open the phone and remove the battery and sim otherwise more damage will be done. But I cant figure out to open it. Any suggestions. Its still within the warranty period...
  15. S

    sasel world

    I am running Truecrypt encryption on multiple laptops. There were no issues until I tried to run it on an HP Compaq laptop. Then after encryption, I received a Boot Loader damaged error. This only happens with Compaq laptops, not with any other makes that I can see. I have updated BIOS...
  16. ajayritik

    Cowon A3 Screen damaged. Fix it?

    Guys I have Cowon A3 which I bought couple of years ago and accidentally the screen got damaged. I checked with Lipap systems who are the service guys for the Cowon Products and they were suggesting that the repair would cost 4k. Do you think I should get this repaired? I was thinking...
  17. ajayritik

    Cowon A3 Screen damaged. Where can I fix it

    I have Cowon A3 which I had bought couple of years from US. Some how the screen has got damaged because of which I'm unable to use it. Are there any service centers for Cowon here in India who can get this repaired and how much would it cost? I remember when I was contemplating buying this...
  18. M

    is my graphics card damaged???

    hello everyone! i have the Geforce 9500GT graphics card. few days back i started having problems while playing games....sometimes, while playing, my pc reboots itself. And now i cant start my pc with my graphic card installed. it gets stuck in the windows logo!!! Drivers are up-to-date. Is my...
  19. S

    Galaxy S i9003 internal memory card damaged

    i received the notifucation in morning that internal SD has been damaged and needs to be formatted.i simply switched the mobile off,but the problem is now it does not start,just vibrates and is stuck on the screen where it shows the model name.please help,really urgent
  20. J

    [Complaint] [Solved] Rashi RMA Service Raipur

    Hello Everyone, I am here going to post my experiece about the Rashi RMA service in Raipur. On May,12th 2011 I had Purchased a New MotherBoard Sabertooth X58 for my Intel Corei7 920 System. I noticed that one of the Ram Slot on my motherboard isnt working there were 6 slots and the B1...
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