1. A

    Need PC for graphics designing (40K)

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.') Ans: For graphics designing, s/w Adobe photo Shop cs5/6, adobe...
  2. A

    Suggest a laptop within 45k

    Plz guide me to buy the best laptop I wanted to buy a new laptop in range of 40-45k (prime choice is dell) i will be using it basically for multimedia editing and document works.I will be using processor intensive software like adobe cs3 series software...etc It must have 3GB RAM,250...
  3. trublu

    CS3 Brush Issue

    I downloaded some free photoshop cs3 brushes from the net.Now the problem is that i don't know how to use them.I copied them to theC:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes folder.but i can't figure out how to select the brushes from within photoshop. Please help.
  4. hmphfpolo

    Cost of software

    how much will Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional 2008 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 cost? ive googled but didnt find any? where can i find in bangalore? thanks
  5. D

    Upgrading OS

    I have installed XP and Vista of 32bit editions and i have a processor which is a 64 bit one. So installing 64 bit OS have noticeable changes in terms of performance and stability and does 64 bit support all software like visula basic 2008 and photoshop cs3 I asked this question becoz...
  6. S

    adobe after effects cs3

    Hi Friends i want to buy a copy of this? Can some one help me out about its cost and where I can get it?
  7. Gigacore

    CS3 Dock Icons by Giga

    Hi! Yet another crappy stuff by me :D Titanium CS3 Dock Icons This is my first Dock Icons! The package includes 30 Dock Icons for Vista and XP. All icons are in PNG. And the resolutions are 128x128, 256x256 and 512x512 respectively The package contains following Icons...
  8. T

    uninstall Adobe photoshop CS3 Lite edition?????

    hi, i have recently got a package of Adobe photoshop CS3 Lite edition(48 MB) and has installed it on my vista machine. now i have got full version of photoshop CS3 and no longer want Adobe photoshop CS3 Lite edition. the problem here is that there is no mention of this program in Add/Remove...
  9. iMav

    Photoshop CS3 is Spying on U!!!

    It all began with a post at UNEASYsilence titled "Lies, Lies and Adobe Spies" which caught on to the fact that Adobe CS3 apps were calling out to a suspiciously-crafted IP address. As it turns out, the IP in question— (note the capital O instead of a zero)—is not an IP at...
  10. ajaybc

    What is the difference between Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended edition?

    What is the difference between Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop CS3 Extended edition?
  11. G

    Adobe Photosop CS3 not installing

    Yesterday I tried to install Adobe Photoshop CS3 extended Trial version.After long process it displayed that shared components installed,but some error happened and adobe photoshop not installed. I checked the event viewer it showed the following error "Bonjour Service Failed to start,Check...
  12. D

    Unable to Install Adobe CS3

    I tried installing Adobe CS3 from the July 2007 DVD.. But i am unable to do so and get an errror message saying "Please Insert The disk named Adobe CS3"
  13. ax3

    Adobe CS3 installing ! ! !

    wanna install Adobe CS3 trial provided in DIGIT DVD ..... bt i already have CS2 ..... will it affect CS2 if i dont uninstall it ???
  14. A

    Problem in installing CS3 suite

    I am unable to install the adobe creative CS3 suite(from digit dvd) on my laptop running Windows Vista.I even downloaded photoshop CS3 from adobe's site and couldn't install it.The setup file starts with a small dialog which disappears after 5-6 seconds.The file is not corrupt as I could install...
  15. go4saket

    Is Photoshop CS3 worth upgrading?

    Hi Guys! I am presently using Photoshop 7. I am not a pro and use it just for some photo editing etc. I wanted to know weather or not Photoshop CS3 is worth upgrading. Thank you.
  16. baiju

    Adobe cs3 installation

    i tried to install adobe photoshop cs3 from this months dvd . but the installation demands that i insert the adobe cs3 premium media .why and i cant install
  17. ╬Switch╬

    Adobe cs3 web premium installation problem!

    I want to install Adobe cs3 on my system with DDR ram. Now the problewm is that although I have 512 mb ram right now it shows up as 448mb so if I upgrade to another 512 mb it still wil it be ale to run cs3 which has 1 gb minimum system requirement cause it would sum up to 900mb?
  18. M

    Photoshop CS3 Tutorial

    hello.. guys..hav got few pictures of mine... Want to use thosa pic and put them in frame. using photoshop... plz tell me how to do it.. i hav download e Adobe Photoshop CS3..
  19. Third Eye

    CS3 Will Have Two Editions of Photoshop for Mac

  20. cyborg47

    Problem with Photoshop CS3.

    I have rcently installed adobe photoshop CS3 beta on my pc. Now the problem is the software is running too slow, can anyone tell me how to speed it up or to increase the memory consumption by photshop? I have only 30 days left, plz can any one help quickly.
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