Sony Xperia SL touchscreen gone crazy


Judgement Time!!
Hey guys, i am facing a serious problem and need some advice. Just 2 days back i noticed my phone's touchscreen started acting crazy. The touchscreen was constantly showing activity. Even though i am not touching the screen, the screen would act as if its getting a lot of touches together resulting in the phone going into settings etc. I thought this might be a software issue. After resetting the problem was occurring again and again. To diagnose the problem, i went to developer options and ticked show touches. Then i realised while pressing the back button when the phone is straight, the touches on top of the screen startup. After some time this is what i found out.
I removed the back cover of the phone thinking some dust problem or something. As soon as i removed the back cover of the phone, the touchscreen issues disappeared. The moment i added the back cover again, the touchscreen lights up when i press the back button again. With this, i think there is something wrong with the back cover. But how can back cover influence the touchscreen and all the random touches in the touchscreen seem to be happening at the same place. What should i do? My phone just ran out of warranty in Jan. Should i give this to a service centre?Will they have parts for this?What do you think is the problem here

Was just trying to out some diagnosis and i think i may have got the problem. It doesn't seem to be the back cover but rather the phone itself. When i opened the cover, if i pressed the back side of the phone, the touchscreen goes nuts. After trying out more places, i found out that one particular place that is the bottom left side of the phone where there seems to be a screw, if pressed gently there results in the touchscreen problem. Is this a serious hardware issue. Can this be fixed. Please help

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