Flip cover or back case ?


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Is it better to get a flip cover or just the back case ? What do you guys prefer when you choose cases


Back case (TPU or other sturdy material) is better IMO, provides better protection. Flip cover is for those crap phones which don't have good quality screen material (like Gorilla Glass 3, etc) to prevent scratches.


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flip cases are pathetic,all of them are very tacky to use,are often made of poor quality materials(non-OEM ones only,not OEM ones),it also doesnt protect the phone much from damage
also its difficult to take photos or even hold the phone properly with a flip case

A capdase,Amzer,TPU silicone case + a scratch guard or tempered glass is much better for any phone than a flip cover and sometimes even cheaper


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Back case preferably of a good brand is always what I suggest. Flip cover sometimes makes the device ugly.
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