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IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses


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IITs, Google & Nasscom launch 'Job Ready' online courses

IITs, Google & Nasscom launch "Job Ready" online courses - Internet | ThinkDigit News

Is it a good idea to enroll for this course? A certification would be nice, but it also seems that assignments have to be submitted at the end of each week which might not always be possible for me.

I'd love if someone could provide more information on this course like how mandatory would it be to submit the assignments etc and what else would have to be done.

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I went to their forum to seek answers, but it is a mess. I post a question, it stays there for a few minutes and then gets deleted. :evil:

Someone was asking how to compile C on Linux, I answered it, and it too got deleted. I thought my questions were not getting posted, but the answer clearly was deleted as the thread says 4 answers were deleted. Don't know what's going on there. :-?
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