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  1. GhorMaanas

    Gadget as a gift to couple on wedding?!

    hello all, its not everyday that we come across queries like the subject. :) i want to give a unique gift to my cousin on her wedding this weekend, that'd be of USE to the couple, but want to avoid giving the same old stuff like kitchenware, watches, etc. presently am thinking about getting...
  2. G


    Hello guys, Do any of you know a successful way to root a Indian Samsung Galaxy On7 Model SM-G600FY ? The web mentions quite a few "rooters", but none of them has worked. A couple of Forums mention that the rooting of this phone has not yet been done ! Any ideas? Tks.
  3. AndroidFan

    Lenovo ZUK Z1 phone

    The specifications are excellent. Snapdragon 801 processor 3 GB RAM 64 GB Internal Storage Excellent camera Cyanogen OS Price: 13,500 /- I am planning to buy it in a couple of weeks to replace my wife's Redmi 1S. What do you guys think about this phone?
  4. sygeek


    KVvXv1Z6EY8 Site Steam store Demo Price: ₹ 565 Personal opinion: BUY IT! It's an amazing game! I literally got hooked the moment I started playing it. Now usually I play new games for couple of minutes and then put them in my backlog, and then start playing Dota2 again. Not this game...
  5. A

    I5 4460 vs I5 6400

    Which processor is better?I'm building a new PC for the gaming and will play certain games such as GTA V,CS GO,Call Of Duty BO,FIFA 16.Which procssor would be best for the gaming.I will couple it with GTX 960 or GTX 660.These processors prices are identical in market.I5 6400 has a slightly lower...
  6. rhitwick

    A small update

    Getting married tomorrow and Will be away from TDF DF for couple of days See you guys later :-)
  7. madzeus

    torrent bandwidth problem

    HELP needed...!! Please take a look into the picture.The download of the process is at the speed much less than what system consumes. Have tried installing a couple of bandwidth monitors, even used resource monitor for windows 7. Can someone help
  8. windchimes

    Adapter issues- Asus K53S

    Guys, Today morning I found that my lappy adapter wasn't charging my laptop ( the LED notifier on the adapter wasn't lit even). I was all set to take it to service but then checked once again and it started working perfectly fine. Is it an indicator that the adapter got some issues? By the...
  9. izzikio_rage

    2.5" hdd casing needed

    Hi everyone, needed some help in buying a casing for my two laptop hard drives. I have a 320 gb and a 1tb drive. I'm currently interested in the transcend case (rs 935 on ebay.in and 850 on a couple of other stores) mainly because it gives a warrenty and gives me more confidence that it will...
  10. abhijeet.ak

    Suggestion for Printer

    Friends, Can you please suggest a good printer. I am open for Home / SOHO MFP's as well. However, I already have a fujitsu scansnap scanner. My basic requirement would be printing a couple of photos and general document printing. Although, the printer has to wireless enabled, Budget - No...
  11. Terabyte

    Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013) now available for purchase on Play Store India

    Finally the "Coming soon" wait for the Nexus devices has come to an end! Both Nexus 5 and Nexus 7(2013) are in stock and ready to be sold out :D The shipping for Nexus 5 begins in a couple of days time. For the 16GB version of Nexus 7 the shipping will begin only after 26th November. However...
  12. ajayritik

    Looking for Gaming Console

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to buy a gaming console. I was thinking of going for PS3 based on what I read here in the various threads. For right now I don't want to wait till PS4 launch. I'm very new (noob) when it comes to Gaming consoles etc infact I haven't played much on my PC either except for...
  13. Kl@w-24

    Lumia 720 or 820?

    I'm sick of Androids, having used four of them since 2011 and I've decided to move to WP8. Here's where the confusion starts. Both 720 & 820 are within my budget but I'm not completely sure which one to go for. I've read a lot of reviews of both and I'm leaning towards the 820 mainly because its...
  14. ithehappy

    Anyone using IE 10?

    I am not sarcastic, seriously asking, anyone using the latest version? I am using it, not bad :razz: Scrolling is hell smooth. Pages are loading fast too. Last time I used IE, couple of years back at least, well they have improved tbh! What do you think?
  15. S

    Android based Lenovo Smartphones

    It seems Lenovo has done a soft launch of their phones in India. The specifications sound very interesting and they seem VFM for the price. Lenovo K860, P700i, S880, S560 and A60+ hands-on: First look - GSMArena.com Anybody using them here ? Any known disadvantages/advantages of the...
  16. F

    CPU + Motherboard combo below 18k.

    Hey! My specs are: I need a motherboard + CPU which I will be buying a couple of months later (In march) <18k Is my budget.
  17. J

    32 Inch LED TV under Rs 35000? Help Please!!!

    Hi I have gone through a lots of threads and haven't been able to decide yet. Some fresh thoughts might help. I am looking for a 32 inch LED. Full HD. Budget can be extended by a couple of thousands. Any info about grey market contacts. Also, there have been a couple of new entries in the...
  18. T

    Best smart TV below 50k - suggestions needed

    Guys, i am planning to purchase a smart TV (wifi connectivity, android/apps.., browsing etc.,)> 32'' full HD. could you suggest me a couple of models to start with? -KP
  19. A_ashish_A


    Hello guys I ve bought asus rt n13u router. When I try to add torrent in download manager a loading bar appears for a couple of seconds and nothing happens. Any idea why it its happening or successfully add torrent?
  20. power_8383

    HTC One V - My first Android device.

    Hello guys, I have completed my Ph.D. in last week First of all, let me thank Mr. GOOGLE (my Ph.D. guide), TDF and couple of other forums who have helped me to complete my Ph.D. Oh haa, the subject was 'Which mobile should I buy ?' :D I have bought HTC One V for Rs. 17,300 (with 8gb card) from...
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