1. stellar

    Copy Paste in FireFox

    I have been using Firefox for quite a long time but this problem, i am facing just now. When i try to copy the url in firefox browser it wont get copied easily instantly. After highlighting and pressing ctrl+c for many times only it gets copied and i can post. It wors fine with other browser i...
  2. S

    how to install fifa 13 in my pc?

    i have done the mounting, when i open the install shield, (black colour) there a message shown that "the system can't find the file specified. " i had already copied and paste the crack files.. what to do? please help me guys... please.... :( :(
  3. randomuser111

    Apple copied Sony design philosophy

    Apple Inc. which has been accusing several of its key competitors of stealing and copying its designs and technology isn't all too innocent itself after all:bleh: Though this really doesn't come as a major surprise since Steve Jobs admired Sony and modelled Apple as "the new Sony". And its not...
  4. arpanmukherjee1

    shell commands across linux

    hi people, i have sabayon 4 on my desktop computer (it has 5000+ commands) and carry pendrive linux. i want to copy commands such as java and gcc on the pendrive . Pl. tell the files to be copied to the pendrive (size no limit :; i have 32GB of which 3% is rarely used)...
  5. prateekdwivedi1

    Xbox 360 help

    :(I had recently bought an xbox 360 as it was my b'day on the 15th of feb and tried to play a game which my friend gave me(it is copied but we are not pirating).He also has an xbox 360 and has given me all his titles(copied).But they are not running at all.i searched the net and came to know...
  6. S

    some forum has copied my content.please help!

    i just found that someone has copied my content and used in some other forum.(non-english forum) without linking back. as if thats not sufficeint tht b#i$$ is loading images from my web space and costing me bandwidth,please help me .
  7. K

    can we find if he have copied a diagram in autocad2000

    plz help urgetnly
  8. chesss

    very very Weird hard disk write speed

    20 GB, 7 years old HDD Model no: Samsung SV2042H I just noticed something totally out of the blue: I copied a 24MB .msi file from c: to e: . The copy operation took 2 seconds . I checked the source and destination files, both work. 24mb in 2 seconds = 12mb/sec Right? Generally I...
  9. b.paarthasarathy

    how to make vista dvd bootable ???

    frenzzzzz plzzz help me!!!!!!!! i have bought a genuine windows vista ultimate dvd .... after installing vista i just copied the contents of my vista dvd into my harddrive for backup purpose...... but now the original vista dvd got corrupted due to some scratches on dvd ..... i burnt that backup...
  10. Krazy Bluez

    Internet Downloads Help needed on BSNL 500 Combo Plan

    I have one question :mad:, does using YouTube ;) and Streaming Radio Stations like Shoutcast:p make for downloads, I think they do as the data is copied temporarily to Internet Cache Folder and played from there, am I right :confused::confused::confused:
  11. L


    Friends while doing copy paste two or more times with different content if i want to paste back the previous content which i had copied without going back to that content.How can this be achieved.
  12. gopz

    How do we copy protect a CD?

    There is a friend of mine who is making a software for schools and intends to sell it. How do we make sure that the CD cannot be that people wont just buy 1 CD and copy it and distribute it?
  13. windchimes

    how to create a booting cd from HDD

    Hi, I've the XP installation package copied on my HDD. How can I create a bootable cd out of it..??
  14. O

    Error in WDSync Software

    On trying to open the WD(Western Digital) Sync Software through my Passport Portable Drive(160GB) on my desktop computer(Win XP Pro,1GB RAM,Intel 865GBF), I get the error : "The dynamic link library - libeay32.dll could not be found". I tried to run it on my old laptop and WD Sync worked...
  15. RCuber

    ATTENTION!!! Palagrism

    Here is a guy stealing Tutorials from digit and other forums/websites and posting it in his site. I believe he will be member of this forum. Exact Copy Paste from the following threads .. :mad: MKV [Demuxing , Encoding and Muxing] Tutorial By Zeshan copied here...
  16. M


    ive just gt a new n95 8gigs i earlier had a nokia 6708 i had agora pus contacts manager in 6708 and had extracted a csv file of all the contacts that i had in the phone,,, now i want all those contacts to be copied into my n95 8gigs hw do i do it??
  17. C

    Wierd Vista Virus!!!

    Okay guys am back with a new problem now...I keep you guys so Anyways this is what happened... I opened my nokia 3110c folder and there i saw a folder named Latest. I had not created the folder so i opened it and to my surprise it turned out to be a exe file which i have executed...
  18. mohanty1942

    Who copies file to my shared Folder ?

    In our organisation there is around 150 machines (static ip is used in the network) running Win2000 or WinXP. There is a system whose one drive is full-shared and all use it as a common storage. (i) There is a big problem when we need to track the originator of some objectionable files...
  19. [A]bu

    Copying Files

    It may be a hint or what if u copy any thing for CD or Devices then u can find that if u copy all of them individually then it seems faster rather than the if u copy all the files at once.... U will Feel and will happen... When I was copy a nusic video From CD then I tried to copy all them at...
  20. I

    can anybody tell me the hindi song which is copied from this one ??

    Hi, A friend of mine found this song on Ares ...its called "sukiyaki" its japanese and it topped the US charts in 1963.Video link on youtube * I vaguely remember this song from a hindi film(oldies) ...but i am not able to pinpoint on which film and...
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