1. K

    internet not working on vista but working on xp

    hey guys i am having a problem with vista--------internet's not working on vista but working on xp.In vista when i click on diagnose and repair in network connections it gives a diagnosis that i have to disconnect one of my connections but i have only one connection!! Please help....
  2. Cyrus_the_virus

    Howto: Setup a Software Firewall in Linux using Firestarter

    Introduction One of the great features included in Linux is the IPtables firewall. Unfortunately, its command-line use is rather complex, and it can be intimidating for even experienced Linux users to configure it. Firestarter is a friendly graphical interface that allows you to configure a...
  3. E

    Downland volume measurement - any tool?

    Is there any tool that can measure how many MB I have downloaded after it was last reset? I believe this can be very useful in limited download broadband connections.
  4. H

    Use two net connections simultaniously

    Hi everybody, I have two internet connections one through BSNL Broadband which I use for my desktop PC, and other a Tata Indicom plug2surf usb modem connection which I use for my laptop. Most of the time my Tata indicom modem sits idle as I use it only when I am traveling. I just want to know...
  5. debsuvra

    Terabit-Per-Second Class Connections over FTTH

    When it comes to internet speeds, we've long-since consigned the humble kilobit-class connection to the dustbin, so a mathematics-based breakthrough has us wondering if megabit- and even gigabit-level connections will one day sound as quaintly archaic. Researchers at Japan's Tohoku University...
  6. NucleusKore

    Australian researcher finds way to make broadband 100 times faster

    John Papandriopoulos, research fellow at the University of Melbourne, has developed an algorithm that reduces interference in ADSL connections, essentially making broadband net speeds 100 times faster. Read On.......
  7. Josan

    2 Dial Up Connections At Same Time

    How can i use two airtel mobile dial up connections at the same time , through bluetooth or data cable Is there Is no solution to this ????????????
  8. D

    NFS over LAN ?

    What my friend and i were planning was to play NFS most wanted over LAN. Now i really have no idea how we gonna do this :( We both hv broadband connections but no information as how to play against each other over LAN. Any help ?
  9. rocket357

    GeoXPlanet now available at

    The project I linked a while back (the one that plots active tcp/ip connections in XEarth/XPlanet) has been hosted by and is currently available for download:
  10. abhijit_reddevil

    Allow incoming connections to my computer from utorrent/azarues

    Hi, Pardon me if I am asking this question again. But I found no thread which discusses my specific problem. All threads discuss about hardware routers and how to port forward to them. Mods can lock this thread if this has been discussed before. Recently I installed the latest version of...
  11. iMav

    Google, GMail, Orkut not opening

    guys looks like there hav been some drastic steps taken after yesterday's death which had orkut connections ... all google sites are down for me .... no, no orkut, no gmail ...
  12. P

    network adapter

    I have intel 945 motherboard. These days I'm facing problem regarding network adapter.After installing windows xp sp2 and network driver it works fine but when I turns on system next time the network connections are not there..I tried to reinstall drievers but it gives error "no ULI network...
  13. almighty

    Boost ur net speed :)

    Hi mates, today while surfing i came across a site which have lots of tweaks for boosting bandwidth speed , i tried it and get awesome result, i ve GPRS connection and i use to get an average of 6-7 kBps only but after applying tweaks its just double :) now am getting 14-15 kBps :D...
  14. R

    using multiple connections

    I have got two phone lines two modem two dial up user accounts from same isp. I can connect to both of them simultenously but i dont get the double bandwith. I heard that there is some kinda software to use bandwith of both connection. what is that?
  15. go4saket

    Can we have multiple net connections at a time?

    Hi Guys! Can we have multiple net connections at a time. I mean, is it possible o connect to the net using BSNL Broadband, BSNL Dial Up as well as Reliance Net connection, all running at the same time. You must be thinking why do I need to do this. Well, actually I am in a business where I...
  16. blademast3r

    Increase bandwidth speeds( finally smthin that works)

    Here are a few hacks for winxp... took me sm time to put it together (i literally "put it together" with bits and pieces from differant forums and sites) I applied some of these patches an tweaks and guess what they work!!!... Initially with my bsnl bband i used to get about 1.5 mbps download...
  17. emailaatif786

    Nokia 6260 Phone with GPRS

    I have a Nokia 6260 Phone with GPRS enabled on BSNL SIM Card. For connecting to the net, I go to Menu > Web > Connections > Connect to BSNL_WAP or BSNL_GRPS, then open any webpage. I also have a IVT BlueSoliel Bluetooth Dongle conncted to USB Port on my system and IVT BlueSoleil Software &...
  18. S

    Any One Know Remote Assistance

    Any one know how to provide remote assisstance through vpn using Broadband Connection .Kindly help me how to do that using bsnl Broadband connections
  19. abhi_shake

    Connection/broadband query

    The bandwidth offered in broadband is 256KBPS while the download is around 32 KBPS which is a number which is exactly divisible by 8. This all happens in all connections where the net speed is 'x' and its download is x/8. Why?
  20. N

    using 2 internet connections simultaneously on pc

    i had bsnl dial-up connection of 56 Kbps. currently i am using internet at home through tata indicom walky. it connects at 115 Kbps. recently i got gprs connection on my cell. with edge connectivity it too connects at 115 Kbps. -------------- now when i connect all of them at a time on...
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