1. toad_frog09

    PC not starting.

    Today, my psu went kaput and hence my pc refused to start. So i got my pc a brand new psu and redid the connections. . My system config are. Phenom x4 955 be on M4a785td-v evo no graphics card. 1 x 500 gb samsung. 1 x 500 gb wd green. 1 x 160 gb seagate. Current Psu - zebbi 450w. (I...
  2. Techn0crat

    Bandwidth-Friendly Online Games?

    Can anybody suggest online games (MMOs) for broadband connections like128/256 kbps?
  3. K

    Router with multiple connections?

    Hello, Is there any router with multiple connections? I am looking to connect two internet connections at router. One is with static IP and other DHCP. Have you came across anything like this? If some one uses it, please recommend one and your experience about it. Thanks, Robert
  4. R

    what to do with 2 isp connections on one pc??

    hi i had an internet connection previously which is 256 kbps. now i got a new 1mbps connection for downloads. now my 256 line is left unused with 6 months subscription remaining. wht can be done with it? can i use an extra lan card on pci to use that? is it possible to use both the...
  5. D

    comodo firewall blocks all network connections

    i have a reliance 1mbps when i uninstalled comodo firewall & then reinstalled it...the network connections icon disappeared from the system tray...when i tried to open the network connections from the control panel only a blank folder opened.usually there are two connections...
  6. N

    Using separate interconnect connections at same time on same PC

    I am having 2 ADSL connections for my internet. One main connection is say A ( and other connection is say B ( Both these modems are connected to Switch. My PC is connected to Switch. All IPs are static, no DHCP. Both A and B internets are available to my PC. I...
  7. D

    IPL(indian Political League)

    Dates of IPL announced.So Democratic peoples please Vote for your favorite team. Warning:There Is No Connections Between IPL And LOK SABHA Poll.
  8. P

    Divide And Rule!

    Need some help on optimising Internet Sharing. Our hostel gets internet thru optical fibres laid between the Central Networking server and the gateway(in our hostel) Due to excessive use of torrents ,Each user(of 100 so) has been restricted maximum 15 connections thru some software running on...
  9. ashis_lakra

    Two connections at a time

    I have a BSNL broadband 256 kbps unlimited Home plan, I use it for download purpose and it gives me 25-32 kbps download speed. I want to increase this speed with the use of a edge enabled mobile phone nokia 3110c having airtel sim card. I am able to use Nokia for browsing Internet using...
  10. veddotcom

    Relating to IP ADDRESS

    Hi Friends, I live here With my Room Mates, There are Two Computer Present Here and Both are connected Through LAN, We have an Internet Connection of a Particular ISP, Through which We Both Shares our Internet Connections, SO my Question is, Do we have Different IP address for both the System...
  11. raksrules

    Going to Canada, need a prepaid conn for 2 mnths, Please Help !!!

    I am going to Mississauga, Canada for two months. Since it is for a short period, i cannot take a postpaid mobile connection there. Can anyone please help me as to what type of prepaid connections are available there and which one should i go for? Any help in terms of pointers or links or any...
  12. shift

    utorrent speed

    i get average speed of 40kbps (100+ seeds) is this normal? is there any way to accelerate the speed? i have Airtel 384kbps Unlimited thanks PS: i can't find a similar thread so i created this new one
  13. rohan_mhtr

    Increasing download speed using 2 internet connections

    The download speed which i am getting from my cable net provider is very slow , about 25-30kbps . I am also using airtel mobile office sometimes for surfing . Using mobile office i get download speed of about 10-15kbps depending on the connectivity . How can i use both these connections...
  14. N

    How to use two mobile internet connections simultaneously

    Hello Guys, I am having this airtel internet connection which is working perfectly. Actually my brother is also using the same connections. So I was just thinking of connecting both of them to same PC so that there will be an increase in the speed. However there is no visible increase,Also...
  15. O

    Make ur Internet n Bandwidth Rapid

    Source Make ur Internet n Bandwidth Rapid - Rapid Speeds 100% working 1.Increase bandwidth by tweaking QoS in Windows XP Pro The following tweak applies only to Windows XP Professional edition. The default system behavior is that all 100% bandwidth is available, however, if there is a...
  16. praka123

    GUFW => Gnome's GUI Firewall utility! ...and read complete article here:
  17. NoasArcAngel

    Help Host Counter Strike Server!

    hello guys............, just wondering if someone from the software section would help me in hosting my own half-life dedicated server...................... see i use a mtnl connection, i have applied for a static ip but i have run over the internet and everywhere but am unable to find a forum...
  18. D

    networking problem

    how use the two different internet connections for single pc and i want to share the two connections in LAN with using the router the problem is system not accepting two default gate ways
  19. jal_desai

    Windows Vista: Easily navigate to Network Connections ... a very short tutorial

    Many of u must be knowing this but i thot of posting it...(sorry if it's a re-post... mods, feel free to delete it)... In Windows XP, it was rather very easy to navigate to the My Network Connections folder. However in Windows Vista, it has become a tiresome job. You have to take a long way...
  20. V

    Dear Husbands Pay your wife's phone bills!!

    The mounting outstandings to be recovered by the state controlled PSU are enormous volume running in to thousands crores!! So far the PSU s such as BSNL as well as MTNL-who are reeling under acute shortage of recovery officers in their organisations , remained much conservative, except issuing...
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