1. zacfx05

    what ups indicates.......?

    hello Friends actually i don't know where to post this thread ...... i want to know what the 600v/360w on a ups mean and how it effects... will it support any pc configuration (ultra, high....etc) is it just to indicate the backup time.......? iam actually asking about apc 600 v rs
  2. dude_gamer

    windows 7 64 bit?

    I want to install windows 7 x64 ?but i don"t know difference between 32 bit & 64 bit? my PC configuration is 2GB RAM,500GB hard disk,Core 2 duo processor (2.93Ghz),Intel G41 PC configuration meets minimum requirements for windows 7 64 bit? and why 64 bit O.S. is better then 32 bit?
  3. S

    Guide me on my new Desktop Configuration

    Hi, I am looking to buy a assembled PC and need guidance from all you guys to decide upon my new Desktop Configuration. Would prefer Core I3 or I5 processor. Have been using an Intel processors all my life, but if a better option at a better price is available I wont mind to shift upon. I...
  4. V

    Plannig to buy a new pc.

    I am new to this place. But need help to guide me on deciding a New Desktop Confirguration. Planning to upgrade my desktop to Core i5. Dont have much of hardware knowledge and plan to try Nehru Place to get a new configuration assembled there. Could you please guide on the trusted...
  5. U

    Is this config. good for me?

    I am planning to buy i5-2300 and gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3 which is costing me around 15k. This config. is in my budget . I will be using it for internet, movie etc. and only to play FIFA series. For FIFA, I am planning to buy graphics card later on (budget 8-9k). Please comment on above...
  6. V

    Configuration for New Computer

    I am Planning to purchase a new Computer( Mostly Desktop) . The purpose is for Home and the applications are like Multimedia and SAP. My budget is around Rs.20000 to Rs.30000 . That's ok if it crosses 30000 and upto 35000 Could any one help me with the configuration and prices . Looking...
  7. A

    pls suggest best system configuration in my budget

    Hi there.. I am from Animation and vfx field.. Need a system on which i can do rendering with an ease.. softwares i use are: Autodesk Maya* 3ds Max* Real Flow* Adobe After effects* Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premier etc So please suggest me a good configuration.. have not decided...
  8. M

    Need PC config btw 30K-35K

    I'm looking for PC configuration which between 30K - 35K, basically i'm looking for gaming and watching HD movies. Please do suggest me good configuration under my price bucket. And list the prices of the products, if you know about that.
  9. A

    Need the best processor on the am2+ platform with price details

    Guyz i need to know whether x4 940 is available now or i should go for x4 955 AM3.Is it worth it. (No plans to overclock) My mobo is GA-MA78GM-S2H Current Configuration: AMD X2 6000+ 7 Gb ddr2 ram msi 6850 cyclone edition O.C Coolermaster 600W Extreme series Plz help
  10. D

    dell xps 15 buying help n suggestions

    hi im going to purchase a xps15 on 8th november 2011 wanted some suggestions my budget is max 60k the configuration im plannin on buyin is processor--- i7 2670M memory----- 4GB hard disk---- 500 GB display------ 1366x768 GPU--------- GT 540M 2GB the total comes upto 58,767/- is the...
  11. MyGeekTips

    Office Rig X2 For Father

    My Father want's to buy two new system for his office. Help me in deciding the config as per his budget. Sorry For Using TE Template. Just did a copy paste. Q: What is your budget? 15K for a single PC Total: 30K (Little Extendable) Q: What is your existing hardware configuration...
  12. B

    PC Suggestion

    Suggest a PC configuration within INR 28000 with Intel i5 second generation is it necessary to buy a graphics card with it? or Suggest a PC configuration within INR 25000 with Intel i3 second generation is it necessary to buy a graphics card with it? Please Include: Motherboard...
  13. A

    What to do with this guy?

    Well, I just wanted to know the knowledge of self proclaimed geeks on Facebook and just posted a question about me needing a configuration. See how the conversation went.
  14. wraj

    Let's build a 2.0 Semi Hi-End Audio setup around 15 K

    Hi Mates, I'd like to know the Digitian's take over best available Semi Hi-End Acoustic solution around 15K. My Take is 2.0 Setup : Audio Engine A2 --> ~10K X Fi Xtreme Audio --> ~3.5K I personally don't like 2.1 configuration as an audiophile, and my interest is limited to Music...
  15. C

    PSU for 2.5k

    PSU for 3.5K Hi geeks, My system configuration is 1.AMD sempron 3400+(upgrade suggestions please) 2.WD caviar green 1TB wd10earx 3.xfx ati 6770 1GB Gddr5 4.LG dvd Writer 5.Asus M2A-VM i need a processor and a PSU for the above configuration . The one i can find in my area is...
  16. A

    suggest me a configuration for a BUDGET OF Rs 18k.

    suggest me a configuration for a BUDGET OF Rs 18k. (NOT MORE THAN THIS) REQUIREMENT : only to browse INTERNET and Play Movies and downloads. should i go for AMD or INTEL? which one is more reliable. i already have a set of speakers. and require the following : CPU, MOBO, HDD, DVD ROM...
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