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  1. Harsh Pranami

    Can i get government job after doing B.E. in computer science?

    Hi friends. I'm currently pursuing B.E. in cs first year. Can I get a government job after completing my B.E.?If yes, then in which sectors? I only know of indian army through CDS exam.
  2. S

    Courses after ASP.Net

    Hi guys, Currently i m pursuing asp.net course. I had knowledge of C#.Net and C. Please suggest some course, I should do after completing asp.net. I like to develop database related windows and web application. Thanks.
  3. clerkman1612

    After completing web designing course,should I do job or further learn?

    I m doing web designing course currently.8-) In classes now CSS is being studied. I also posted a previous thread in this website's forum few days ago. So I should do a job immidetaly after completing the web designing course or further learn?My point is that for learning web development,which...
  4. R

    Job after completing MBA in Banking & Finance

    What are the jobs that we can get after completing MBA in Banking and Finance, which Sikkim Manipal University has newly started.
  5. prasath_digit

    M.E after completing M.C.A. ?

    I'm doing M.C.A II year now I just want to know whether it is possible to pursue M.E. after completing M.C.A. Is it worth the time?. Thanx in advance. :smile: Also is M.E 1 yr or 2yrs?
  6. p_dude

    need some help

    hi i have decided to become a .net developer by doing mcsd can some one help me about what i can expect as a fresher in programming and how much scope i have to get a job as a fresher and also please mention the course duration for completing mcsd thank you.
  7. S

    Help me in San Andreas

    Guys i am stuck on the level where CJ needs to follow a plane using another plane(marcos bistro mission i think) Can ne1 help me in completing that level(just that level), plz hlp me. This is my save file : http://rapidshare.com/files/196847454/GTA_San_Andreas_User_Files.rar
  8. joey_182

    Not able to Install Xp

    hey guys.. i just bought hp dv 1131tx ....with preinstalled vista..but i wanted to install xp on it..so..formatted whole hdd..when i put my xp cd..when windows starts too load its setup..it gives me BSOD everytime...so..i try to install vista on it again...here al works fine till the last stage...
  9. Zangetsu

    NFS Most Wanted

    Hi, I wanna know what is the diff between NFS MW & NFS MW Black edition? Is there any other series name 4 MW :D & while running MW BE after completing a lap i go 2 main menu but the game exits unexpectedly w/o showing any error msg whats the problem:confused:
  10. S

    MCSE Help

    I will be doing MCSE & CCNA course, what is the salary that i can get in India after completing my course.
  11. shashank_re

    NEED: Career Guidance

    Hi friends, My sister has completed BSc in Biotechnology but later she realised that biotech has no future in India unless you do Phds in US or London so she took up English Literature in PG.At present she is in the final year and will be completing it in a couple of months. As you may be...
  12. gangadhar


    Hi Guys My Name Is Gangadhar.After Completing Of TombRaider: Anniversary On My PS2 I Buy This Game For My PC(AMD 3000+,1GB Ram,Gigabyte MotherBoard With 6100 IGP).My Seller Says It Is Horror Game And Newly Released.Normally I Am A Fan Of Horror Games So Purchased And Installed.The Graphics Of...
  13. saurabh kakkar

    I love my INDIA because..............

    I hope this thread is running before OK guys just share u emotions , Ur feelings ,Ur patriotism etc etc by completing this phrase : I love my INDIA because..............
  14. cyborg47

    Whats the game you never delete even after completing it?

    Whats the game you never delete even after completing it?
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