1. Anindya

    Army to launch its own mobile service!

  2. P

    Serial Port Communication

    i need to make a communication with serial port using power builder. please tel me the solutions for above problem.
  3. S

    3G mobile communication wid respect to power control ...................need help

    need tutorial on 3g mobile communication wid respect to power control for project work ...can anybudy help ? if yes ,make it quik plzzzzzz......:confused:
  4. overdose_14

    Anyone wants a website

    Hi Guys Wnat your own website Just go here ANd click Start here This is my site But I am unable to upload photos here with Mozilla Firefox When I upload with IE then at 80KB it says communication error I made a file of 72KB then The upload was...
  5. L

    software communucating with smss.exe, allow/deny?

    hi, i see invariably many processes wanting to communicate with smss.exe, zonealarm asks for permission... however, whether i allow or deny, the program seems to start running. windows media player, trojan hunter 2 of the programs which asked for the communication with smss.exe. what is it...
  6. C


    hello geeeks after alot of frustration from XP i come to find peace in linux i am a total newbie so plz guide me i have refered to the other linux theads i dont understan what is distro or live cd i have read that b4 installing u can use linux from cd or such i have got two dvds of...
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