1. M

    RCT3 Blank Screen Win 7

    Dear all, I have just installed Roller coaster Tycoon 3 on my Win 7 pc. But unfortunately its not running. I just get a blank screen with only my cursor visible. It remains that way until I press enter or esc. Then it closes down and the "stopped working...." error appears and nothing happens...
  2. aal-ok

    counter strike ping poblen

    whenever i play counter strike 1.6 multiplayer i get an error very high ping and it closes
  3. Sking

    no ea server available

    i am unable to play fifa 12 it connects to internet and says no ea server found and game closes internet connection is good what to do???
  4. MegaMind

    New Logitech Z-906@13K (1 day left)

    Just came across this sale, thought might be helpful for some. Z906-Logitech 5.1 Speaker System, Surround Sound(THX certified) 2 Yr Warranty Deal closes on 29 Dec, 2011 1:41:17 PM P.S: Ordered 1 for my bro.
  5. V

    f1 2002 problem

    hello, I downloaded f1 2002 game from torrent.I installed it and the game works but when the race is loading the game suddenly closes and it comes back to its original position(desktop).So please help me:(
  6. D

    Which Virus is this...? Windows keeps on closing

    Hi, My cousin's computer is definitely have some virus on his computer. The Avast AntiVirus 4.7 is not able to update itself and not able to find any Virus. Plz tell me the probable Virus frm the following indicators. 1. Explorer Windows keeps on Closing by itself. 2. Firfox Closes down...
  7. confused!!

    Browser problem

    I am having problems with all my problem is that my internet browser automatically closes after few minutes..i have tried all kind of browsers(IE7,Firefox,Opera,Saari..).What may be the it some kind of virus????:(
  8. abhinandh

    virus!!!please help

    look at the screenshot.when i try to open firefox ,it closes saying to use ie.
  9. hpotter606

    Mozilla Firefox virus!!!

    I am using a college comp in netlab right now. Whenever i start FF i receive a message like " I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE, or else..." and FF closes. It seems to me a person has written a program on this comp which is doing this. Also wheneve i try to do anything to do with orkut like...
  10. P

    Help !! Firefox closes automatically...

    i use firefox portable for my surfing needs. i have been using firefox since last few months and it was working fine. i have all my fav. links stored there and now all of a sudden when i open firefox the following warning msg box comes stating "I DONT HATE MOZILA BUT USE IE OR ELSE..." and in...
  11. gsoul2soul

    Strange... No install

    Well... i have a trail version of "Photoshop CS 3" Which i could run on my pc before... now after i formatted the computer and all... i can't seem to get the Setup.exe to work you know... it starts and after few seconds it just closes !!! With no Error window... or any Error message. I...
  12. V


    Hi, i bought a tv tuner from techcom SSD 670plus moder.2 days ago.but am facing some problems. 1. Windows detect it as fly tv prime 30. 2. The software provided with it tvr is giving problems.after install it opens at startup and then closes and then again restarts and closes and so on...
  13. A

    Help with Opera

    I recently formated my PC and (re)installed Media Center and also the opera(I use opera due to its session saver). Now when I started opera 9.02 after some 20-25 tabs the cpu uses of opera goes 97-98% i.e. I can not do anything untill I close opera. When I installed opera 9.00 after 10-12...
  14. D query

    i have used session for all users..i wanna count no. of users online at my site...but prob. is that when some user directly closes the browser session_end event is not no should be decrased by one but it is not what to do when some1 closes browser directly???help me
  15. QwertyManiac

    unable to play multimedia file properly in VLC on FC5

    VLC is creating problems (installed it via Yum), for instance when I open MPG, it opens fine but after the first frame it closes abruptly w/o any error. However avi runs perfect. No music though...
  16. P

    Cd-rom Problem

    My Cd-rom Tray Open Automatically N Closes Every Minute
  17. Official Techie

    Internet explorer

    Why cant i open more than one internet explorer whenever i trry to a new one opens but the previous one closes :cry: :roll:
  18. srikanthgss

    Underground 2 closes suddenly

    Hi guys, I have a P4 2.8 and an Intel d915gav mb. I have 256 mb of RAM and XP with SP2 installed. .Recently I have installed NFS U2 . The game works ok, but after a few minutes the game closes on its own and reports that it has encountered a problem. Please help me.(My PC tends to...
  19. D

    some programs not starting...

    i am unable to run task manager, turboc , command prompt etc. when i start the program it starts and closes at the same time.... can anybody please tell me the solution for this problem
  20. H

    Problem running Matlab 7 rev.14

    I have installed Matlab 7 rev.14 but the program does not starts i.e. when I double click on the icon the Matlab window opens and at the bottom left of the window it shows "initializing",but as soon as this word goes thew window abruptly closes and no error is displayed. I am using WinXP with...
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