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Mozilla Firefox virus!!!

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I am using a college comp in netlab right now. Whenever i start FF i receive a message like " I dnt hate Mozilla but use IE, or else..." and FF closes. It seems to me a person has written a program on this comp which is doing this.
Also wheneve i try to do anything to do with orkut like starting orkut or even searching about orkut, it closes the IE saying it is banned!
Can anybody help me with this??


Right off the assembly line
Yes dude !!!
u r ryt its a program ... but not written specificaly in dat machine .... its called "heap41a" .... type the keyword in google n find d remedy ....
Or ... jst start ur computer in safe mode ... n Open d primary disk drive in which windows has been installed ... Den type C:\heap41a ...(C being ur primary drive ) ... delete dis folder n restart d machine ....
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