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Cd-rom Problem

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Wow! amazing prob.
but does that happen if there is a CD inside?
if not and if prob. cant be solved by anyone then try keeping the power cable of Cd drive out, and insert it whenever necessary!


May be button of ur cdrom is pressed continously or if u use multimedia keyboard the eject buttin may be pressed continously,
Try checking ur Cdrom in some other sysstem, if same prblm occurs then time to get the new one.


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What a silly Solution! How can you connect the cable whenever you need to run some CD-ROM and then remove i when you dont need it? Aint that some risky business?

As for Pepsi's problem, the CD-ROM happens to have a pressed button. Did you bang your drive or jerk it before the problem erupted? If so, get your drive serviced. If this doesnt help, get a new drive; preferably a Combo or DVD Writer.


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hey its not either power problem or button problem its bcoz of a virus check your system for virus this should solve your problem ....................
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