1. bestpain

    Negative Experience been cheated by ebay

    i bought a Technotech Mini Wireless Keyboard 2.4 GHz - White 1 Year Warranty at rs 549. paisapay id-42859014010 the keyboard i recieved was not working and is physical damaged and i raised the claim ....but the claim was closed without my information. here is the response on their site...
  2. P

    APC BackUPS 600VA Warranty Claim

    I need to raise a warranty claim with APC for a UPS which has suddenly started acting strange The red light keeps glowing with beeps when there is load on the UPS. I am guessing this was meant for Overload Protection. With very light loads I get them. The UPS is not able to even power a Set...
  3. ring_wraith

    Nexus 5 International Warranty?

    Hey guys, One of my friends is going to the US, and since the Nexus 5 is 8k cheaper there [24k vs. 32k for 32GB], I wanted to ask him to buy one for me. Question is, will I have warranty on the Nexus 5 purchased in the US that I can claim in India? Or will I have to send it back to the US to...
  4. Nerevarine

    Xbox 360 controller woes

    I purchased an original wired 360 controller from ebay for Rs 2.1k.. For a while now, it had been working great but recently, it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting endlessly until I hit a BSOD If I plug it in my laptop, no such error occurs and the controller works fine.. I really dont...
  5. maverick786us

    HP is cheating with me what to do :(

    On July 29, 2013, I purchased HP Envy 15 TouchSmart from flipkart. I received my order on 8th August. Just a day after usage, the webcam stopped working. I called HP and they send a technician to replace the webcam. Now I don't know, how the HP Engineer mishandled the screen. After replacement...
  6. The Conqueror

    Anybody using AMC Cookware?

    Well, I understand that I'm asking this in a tech-forum, but still food is something every human being eats. So just recently I came across AMC Cookware. Its pretty expensive but promises oil-free cooking and has a modern look. They guarantee that it won't rust. So anybody using it?Also that it...
  7. S

    [Complaint] Oh no!Ebay engulfed 39k,please help:what to do now??

    Yes!You all heard it right,ebay engulfed whole 39k from me!Here's what happened to me: I purchased samsung ativ smart pc from,i paid for the item on 11th Feb 2013,after 1 day of identifying the tablet,i found the s pen to be non sensitive to the screen,i told ebay about it and they...
  8. pmkarun

    Is XOLO Worth a Buy

    Hello All, As the title says, IS XOLO worth a buy or a miss @ 16K? Heard few apps will not be supported because of weird resolution. Also need clarification on the brand, as many claim that LAVA is just the marketing people for this INTEL's phone.... Thanks in advance
  9. A

    Partition query

    Hey guys I have a laptop with a 320 gb hdd with 4 primary partitions. Now I want to convert one of the primary partition to logical. i don't want to lose the data on this partition as it contains all my music collection. I have seen some partition software on internet which claim to do this...
  10. Sarath

    Is Eurasiacreations a legit site?

    I have heard about these kinda sites before where they offer to pay you for watching adverts / filling forms etc. I would be quick to think of them as some fraudulent schemes but I would like to know if anyone has heard anything, good or bad, about them. Eurasia Creations Local Advertising |...
  11. kartikoli

    warranty claim doubt

    can i claim sapphire GPU warranty through serial no. or do i need a bill for it in india MOD's please move this thread to correct section if its in a wrong section
  12. gagan007

    Official IPL 2011 Discussion Thread

    I know, we are all tired after just concluded super-exciting ICC Cricket World Cup and maybe there is no enthusiasm left in us to watch anymore cricket but its here anyways. The IPL 2011, sponsors of which claim that it will keep India shut down during whole season. :) So time to get over the...
  13. Garbage

    AMD to nVidia : prove it, don’t just say it!

    Source: AMD blog
  14. hansraj

    How to find an encrypted file in a PC!!!

    Guys, I have been using Truecrypt for a long time. It provides encryption which they claim that its almost impossible to break(though nothing is impossible but still they claim so as it will take really long to crack). However my doubt is, if i have an encrypted file in my pc and i have...
  15. NewsBytes

    The Browser Wars II

    No more than four months ago, Opera released its version 10.50 of Opera desktop browser with a claim of being the fastest web browser on Earth. We, here at ThinkDigit, quickly decided to put that claim to test. The game became interesting with a tug-of-war between Google Chrome and Opera, and it...
  16. P

    How to claim the T-shirt prize from opensolaris quiz contest

    Friends My name is in the list of open solaris geek hunt T-shirt winners can anyone tell me how to claim the T-shirt as there is no information on how to claim the prize.
  17. amitash

    spliting vocals from a music track

    Hey, i regularly need to split vocals from a music track and retain the music track...I have found many softwares that claim to do this but none of them work satisfactorily....Is there anyway to do this? thx.
  18. B

    what's the best ad-blocker?

    I'm using firefox. I don't want o see ads for facebook or google. I've using greasemonkey right now but even the scripts that claim to block google ads, don't work.
  19. L

    Homeopathy - Interesting claims!

    I came across a couple of videos on Homeopathy. I don't believe in it and this explanation might help some to get convinced as to why!! and to some who believed an eye-opener!! :) I by default open thread in Fight club :D Here, you can see...
  20. S

    Ten times more energy-efficient microchip recharges itself

    Read More HERE.
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