1. chicha

    lamborghini in bangalore???

    Well this is what couple of my friends claim they saw two days back at MG road, they told me that it was orange in color. and i told them that its was not possible because roads in bangalore are not made for such cars, but they told me that they were not on drugs or booZ when they saw it, they...
  2. R Is it safe & sound?

    Recently I came across ad of onspeed. Is it safe to use? Is it works as per their claim? I am using dial up connection, Suggest me about it.
  3. A


    I stay in bvoriwali east and i am aware of only one broadband service in my area ie my local cable operator with hathway. They are offering a 256kbps connection with a download limit of 1024 mb for Rs 500 per month. Though i dont like the idea of the limited bandwidth but still i am willing to...
  4. I

    Hhmmm....... does it!

    Hello Is DAP worth using for a Dial-Up user. Is its claim of speeding up ddls upto (upto) 300% right. :!: :arrow:
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