[Chrome Tricks]Using snippets in Chrome !!!!!!


Broken In
Have U Ever Got Stuck In a situation when u need to run a code in the Browser [chrome in this case]
well fear Not because,

Chrome provides a "snippets" bucket within the developer tools which allows you to manage small (or large) scripts that can be injected into a page. Scripts can do things like injecting jQuery into a page, log all globally defined variables, or print out all colors from computed styles used in elements on the page.

See I Needed SHA512 encryption script
to encrypt something with SHA512 there are two methods
  • I copy past the Code every time I needed to use It or
  • I Could just save in snippets and use it later

Create snippet

To create a snippet, open the Sources panel, click on the Snippets tab, right-click within the Navigator, and then select New.

Enter your code in the editor. When you have unsaved changes, your script name has an asterisk next to it, like in the screenshot below. Press Command+S (Mac) or Ctrl+S (Windows, Linux) to save your changes.


Run snippet
There are three ways to run your snippet:

  • Right-click on the snippet filename (in the pane on the left that lists all your snippets) and select Run.
  • Click the Run button ().
  • Press Command+Enter (Mac) or Ctrl+Enter (Windows, Linux).
To evaluate a portion of your snippet in the Console, highlight the portion, right-click anywhere in the editor, and select Evaluate in Console, or use the keyboard shortcut Command+Shift+E (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+E (Windows, Linux).

There and many things you Can do with snippets
some Great snippets you GitHub - bgrins/devtools-snippets: A collection of helpful snippets to use inside of browser devtools
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