1. avinandan012

    14nm chips Pfff! we will crank it up to 7

    IBM introduces 7nm chips with silicon-germanium mix. Read it here.
  2. Cyberghost

    Octo-core Intel chips incoming this Autumn, priced at $999

    Intel is widely expected to be dropping the octo-core Haswell-E bomb in September. The smart money places launch sometime around their Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, but only the most committed enthusiasts will want to put down $999 for Intel’s new tech. Read More : Octo-core Intel...
  3. R

    Google in talks with Mediatek for a 100 $ Nexus with 64 bit Cpu

    Recently, a rumor surfaced saying that Google would be pushing its Nexus program to the limit with the Nexus 6 and aiming for a sub-$100 unlocked price point, rather than the $300 flagship segment. Part of getting the device cost down would be in using a MediaTek processor, and now we're getting...
  4. quagmire

    Imagination dispatches Warrior CPU core to battle ARM and Intel

  5. C

    Intel details GPU options in Haswell, announces Iris

    source-Intel Iris This is great news presently nvidia 650m is the best card present in laptop in india if integrated graphics match its performance then manufacturers will surely put much better dedicated graphics card.
  6. vickybat

    Sillicon may get replaced for indium-gallium-arsenide in chips

    3D III-V Transistors Could Enable Lighter Notebooks Yup guys, scientists say indium-gallium-arsenide has superior electron flow resulting in smaller and efficient chips. Read the link for more detail.:)
  7. MatchBoxx

    Judgement Day is upon us!

    According to this article, DARPA is funding IBM to build chips, which mimics human brain!!! :x IBM unveils cognitive computing chips that mimic human brain - TechSpot News
  8. TechPlex

    SO-DIMM Battle

    Hello Friends! In one of my previous posts named 'New RAM kicks out old RAM!', I stated a problem that the old 1 GB chip and the new 2 GB chip, together are not working well. I got many responses for it. But not an exact solution. Then on doing a research on Google, I found people speaking about...
  9. TechPlex

    Memory Upgrade

    Yo friends! I have got a 1 GB and 512 MB DDR 2 RAM both clocked at 667 MHz currently on my laptop. So that the frequency and RAM type my Motherboard is compatible with. I want your help to know the prices for 1 GB and 2 GB DDR 2 RAM chips for my laptop. And do tell me which will be the best chip...
  10. Tejas.Gupta

    Chip's website vulnerable to XSS

    I Discovered XSS vulnerability in Chip's Official Website Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :stirpot: :rofl: Check this out - Search Results | Chip - India's Most Trusted Guide To Gadgets And Technology :thumbs:
  11. L

    looking for a site to discuss technical questions

    I am looking for a site to talk about Intel chips and data sheets in details. These questions are raised rarely by people and only engineers are interested in them. I wonder if anybody can tell me if there is such a site. Besides Intel forums are inactive and nobody answers the questions, even...
  12. confused

    Need help obtaining Intel datasheets

    Hey friends, I am doing engineering and currently am in the 5th sem. As part of an microprocessor assignment, I need to describe the product architecture of one of Intel's chips in detail, including the block diagram. The said chip is Intel Core 2 Duo U7500. It is one of the ultra low power...
  13. A

    Core i7 870, 850 and Core i5 750 coming soon

    Core i7 870, 850 and Core i5 750 coming soon Upcoming LGA 1156 Lynnfield desktop SKUs Source
  14. A

    Intel Cuts Quad-core Chip Prices by 40 Percent

    ntel on Monday announced price cuts across a wide range of chips used in mobile and desktop PCs, including cuts of up to 40 percent for its quad-core chips. Intel's Core 2 Quad Q9650 processors are now priced at US$316 (Rs. 15,500), a 40 percent drop from December. Other Core 2 Quad chip prices...
  15. S

    which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?

    Which graphics chips power the X360 and ps3 ?:rolleyes:
  16. S

    Miniature refrigerated chips to cool computers

  17. Indyan

    NVIDIA says "significant quantities" of laptop GPUs are defective

  18. casanova

    Britain is Repossessing the U.S.A. - A mail forward

    A Message from John Cleese
  19. INS-ANI

    Computers to be as intelligent as humans by 2030
  20. Pathik

    Intel's new Penryn chips

    Intel has kicked an already down AMD by celebrating the arrival of 16 new chips across its laptop, PC and server lines. The fresh chip dump marks the arrival of Intel's first laptop chips manufactured with a 45nm process that allows for faster, more energy efficient products. Intel CEO Paul...
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