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Internet phone...

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Guys, I'm looking for a phone which a decent browser with a large screen and a music player, my budget is 8-10K.
What do you suggest.
I will be using it mainly for accessing moblie apps like gmail, and browsing sites (a big screen) and maybe chatting and for listening to music (so a 3.5mm would be nice).
And lastly, I'm a noob regarding mobiles (really).
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Htc touch seems to be good except the music that sucks . 5320 is great phone that have everything you need but the small screen may not be your choice.

Among Big screen , music and internet , you have to choose first two priority


yeah good buy ... think its got everything u need ... i still feel the browsing on s60 fones is better (5320 and i450) , but their screen size will not suit ur requirement ...

so yeah , go for the star ... tis a realy nice fone


I doubt star's browsing capability . In india we are pretty much forced to use operamini because of our fatAss edge network that is practically worse than standard gprs. But samsungs java implementation always sucked . Also in a s60 phone like i450 you have choice of many browser like opera , operamini , ucweb , skyfire , bolt etc.

And dont think the big screen automatically means better browsing . I though so and bought 5800 , but now i prefer n85 for browsing large pages. The dragging scrolling becomes very tiresome after some time compared to just a keypress in normal phone.


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I450 is damn good for internet..... lol this should be a internet phone rather than a music phone.


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Samsung star sucks. I got it for my frnd the day it was available in stock and it seriously sucks. Browsing on it is a pain in the ass and painfully slow even on EDGE. The touch response is good though . Dont go for it at all.
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