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Chassis gives shock:-(

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I assembled my first PC.
I was expecting studs or spacers along with cabby.
iball does not give..........only with grabit I hear.
iball mobo panel also cannot be removed.
Mounting holes have elevation.
This is suposed to solve the issue of spacers/studs.
But my chassis and all mounting screws give a shock.
I even tested with a tester.
The powder coated part of cabby does not give shock.
Any suggestions?

Don't buy iball cabby...flimsy construction......my
old mercury cabby was superb in comparision.


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i've been using an iball grabit for over an year now, and am extremely happy with it...very sturdy and spacious. but i guess the other cabbys by iball aren't so gud


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^^yep. The problem is with the earthing. If the earthing is not proper, even Cooler Master cabinet will give shock.

Check the socket, powercable etc.


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simply use a spike guard with earthing leak detector/display between the power supply and ur pc . u chk the leds display u will come to know abt the earthing fault.


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i agree..it is an earthing problem or an issue with your electrical wiring in your house..get a qualified electrician to check the wiring
you need to connect to a mains with three connectors..earth, neutral, live...
make sure apart from the live..none of the others are leaking electricity

Stop running your computer for now until the problem has been rectified...


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Even i have kinda similar problem with CM690. The power cable that came with CM600W PSU has a 2Pin(no earth pin) plug rather than 3Pin that usually comes with other PSU.Do i need to change the power cable?Though now iam not getting any shock.


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Check for earthing, even if earthing is good, check your spike buster is it giving reverse current, my older system i suffered the same once. I had switched off the UPS and just touched the Cabinet i got a shock. It was coming from the monitor, later i changed my spike.


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^^yep. The problem is with the earthing. If the earthing is not proper, even Cooler Master cabinet will give shock.

Check the socket, powercable etc.

My spike has 2 red lights on.
It says L & N reversed.

Can this damage my system?

Check your earthing ASAP.

How to do that.
I will get a electrician tommorrow.
Will a UPS solve the problem?
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Get your wiring fixed at the earliest, I don't think a UPS can solve this problem, its always better to fix this sort of electrical issues,

Your PC peripherals can get damaged.


When I first purchased a PC way back in 2001 even I faced similar issues. It was only after I had the earthing fixed by an electrician did the problem resolved. So you have to wait till you have an electrician check your wiring.
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