1. X

    Cheap Computer parts dealer nearby Chandigarh

    Guys I am building a new PC and would like to know where can I get cheap computer parts in Tricity area. I am a little skeptical about getting stuff online so my last option is to go to Nehru Place to buy my PC parts. Thank You
  2. A

    which broadband is best in chandigarh to play bf4 and bfhardline on pc as well as ps4?

    i live in chandigarh and i want a new connection with great pings any suggestions. and also tell me the quality of networks here in chandigarh some guys say airtel some says reliance is best for ping . you guys tell me whats truth.
  3. R

    [Praise] Got Sapphire HD 7850 as a replacement.

    Hey all Yesterday i got a brand new Sapphire HD 7850 1GB as a replacement for my faulty Sapphire HD 6850.:hyper: Service centre was Aditya Infotech Chandigarh. Now I need to upgrade my E5200 cause it's causing some serious bottleneck. :banghead:
  4. hellknight

    [Query] How to request RMA ticket for Corsair?

    So, after about 2-3 years of service, my Corsair TX 650 is dead. It served me well. I sent an email to the customer care of Corsair at 12:30 and they sent me back a reply at 13:15 (highly impressed) Now, I can't find the procedure to generate a RMA. Could you guys please guide me how to do so...
  5. B

    Ps3 Slim 320 gb

    Ok finally decided to buy ps3 but I am not liking the new 500gb super slim. Anyone can tell me from where I can get the slim 320 gb online or any store in chandigarh??
  6. Chetan1991

    [urgent] 90w ac adapter Rs 1800 from Dell vs 1000 from

    My Inspiron's AC adapter went off with a bang. Had been using it 2.5 years on avg 10 hours per day. Dell (at chandigarh) is selling the replacement Rs. 1800 while is selling for Rs. 1000. Which one should I go for? Is the 1000 rupee one low quality for sure? I use laptop on...
  7. puneet sharma

    Help to choose the best college ?

    My Aieee rank is :- 1) All india overall is 124954 and category is 86168 2) State rank overall is 1572 and category is 1398. I had got 82 % in CBSE. I want to know if i can get admission in CCET and UIT in chandigarh through chandigarh quota. If not please help me to find any good...
  8. puneet sharma

    Ram ?

    can i use ram chip of same type and speed but of different brands.i curently have moserbaer 2x1 ddr2 667mhz ram. Also can i know some wholesale stores in chandigarh for purchase of radeon 7750 and ram
  9. V

    Good Mobile Shops in Chandigarh

    Hi guys, I am planning to buy a new mobile phone (most probably Optimus One , phone selection still in process though :mrgreen:) from Chandigarh. Can someone point me out some good mobile shops in Chandigarh, where I can get a good deal as well as service ? :-)
  10. A

    Nokia n900

    Hi guys... I want to buy a Nokia N900... If anybody has it up for sale.. contact me ASAP... I am from Chandigarh.. You would have to ship it to Chandigarh if you are from any other location...
  11. Vensanga

    Old Hp Laptop....

    guys ma sister bought Hp Laptop 2 years back @Chandigarh....the configuration is Dual core 320HDD 3gb RAM(i think its Dv 5 series)...heres ma main question...Can i exchange the laptop for some bucks and buy a new one in any store in Chandigarh or Delhi..i hope ma question is clear so please...
  12. R

    Second Hand PS2

    I'd like to buy a second hand PS2 Slim. I'd prefer the sellers located in Delhi, Bangalore and Chandigarh (will be going to all these places in June)
  13. Chetan1991

    Help! Where to buy dell ins. 15 in chandigarh??

    Hey ppl. need help from ppl living in chandigarh. can u pls tell me addresses of shops n showrooms where i can buy dell inspiron 15 laptop at reasonabe price? Actually the model i had chosen (with 1GB gfx card, 4 GB RAM, i3) is not available anywhere in shimla, despite being displayed on dell's...
  14. chahal63

    i want to sell these items

    configuration MSI-K8NGM2 (m-ATX WITH nvidia 6100 on board)(free external sound )card) Amd 3500+ 1 GB ddr ram(samsung) + Geforce 7300 Gs right now i am in bathinda but same can be provide at chandigarh also Just for Bucks you can give MOD Edit: Read the guidelines below and post more...
  15. Vensanga

    4850 or 4850Sonic

    can u guys plis tel me whats the basic difference between the PalitHD4850 and the PalitHD4850Sonic version..i get the normal version 2 months earlier at 9.5k in Chandigarh and now its only 8k while the Sonic version is around 9.6k...
  16. BBThumbHealer

    Admission In Colleges On Basis Of AIEEE

    Hello Guys , I appeared for AIEEE 2008 this year and expecting a good rank in the examination ...I want to know how much rank is required to be eligible for admission in Pujab University , Chandigarh :: NIT , Jalandhar :: Thapar , Patiala :: NIT , Kurukshetra :: All of these colleges fall under...
  17. Plasma_Snake

    Secondary Storage Media Prices

    I want to know the price of a DVD-9, where to buy and of which Brand? In Chandigarh they sell a single DVD-9 for 100 bucks :eek:
  18. S

    Where to buy 2nd hand mobiles in chandigarh?

    can anyone tell me where to by second hand mobiles in chandigarh? some good 2nd reputed shops would be welcome. also for how much can i get a 2nd hand nokia 3250 Thanks
  19. Apollo

    Anyone from Chandigarh: Urgent Help!

    Hey guys, I wanna go from Ambala to the Infy campus in Chandigarh: Can you tell me about my transportation options from Ambala? (I'm from Maharastra and never ventured out before). Also if you know of any travel agents or the like, or any pointers on the internet, that'd be great. Any help is...
  20. din4204u

    asus a8n sli deluxe,amd 3200+,corsair ddr 400,leadtek 6600gt for sale

    hi guys i m in a mood of complete system i want to sell my following parts i have.... 1:-amd 3200+ socket 939 winchester cpu 2:-asus a8n sli-deluxe motherboard 3:-corsair xtreme memory spedd ddr 400 1gb ram(512x2) with ultra low timing ( warranty 4:-two...
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