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Anyone from Chandigarh: Urgent Help!

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Hey guys, I wanna go from Ambala to the Infy campus in Chandigarh: Can you tell me about my transportation options from Ambala? (I'm from Maharastra and never ventured out before). Also if you know of any travel agents or the like, or any pointers on the internet, that'd be great. Any help is welcomed and appreciated. This is a bit urgent. Thanks. :)


What? Where? How?
There are buses from ambala to chandigarh every 5 minutes, u won't have a problem there; i have friends in chandigarh ;)


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don't worry abt buses. you'll find hell lot of buses from ambala to chandigarh. it takes abt 40mins. you can travel like that daily. however if i remember rite, infy campus is in mohali. get down at 'tribune chowk' and hire a cycle rickshaw or an autorickshaw (this is costly and they don't haf meter system there).
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