1. A

    networking advice

    hi all i want to join ccna in dehli, can u prefer an institute or site where it can find a cisco certified institute.

    build a gaming rig

    well i have finally grown tired of my laptop and want to start with building a gaming monster.. (one which i can control.. it should not make a hole too deep..) 80 k is what i have set a limit for.. minus the monitor started with the following: 1] chassis- coolermaster COSMOS 1010- ESA...
  3. A

    Help regarding certification

    I just want to know all about the following certifications: 1.Sun Certified Professional or Java Certified Professional 2.Microsoft most Valuable Professional(Ex: vishal gupta) 3.Novell Certified Professional 4.CCNA Just anything you know about it please post it here .. Note:is there any...
  4. Gigacore

    iMav is a Virus, says Symantec

    Symantec says iMav is a Virus So beware of our iMav Look where i found
  5. F

    Megupload toolbar query

    Hello people, I want to know if it is advisable to have installed megaupload toolbar on IE6. I do not use IE,but only when want to get the link.After getiing the link,I copy the link adress and paste it in Opera. I use Avast Home Edition 4.7 build 892 which is updated daily.It does not warn...
  6. anandk

    World’s Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional

    "Arfa Karim Randhawa is one of the most mature 11 year old girls you are ever going to meet. And not only that, she is the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional - a title that allowed her to meet Bill Gates at just 10 years old..."
  7. 56561

    Speakers "THX certified" ???

    I want to buy a very good computer speaker . I live in mumbai , previously I heard about a good altec lansing speaker so I went to lamington road to buy it but they said that product is discontinued . So I am confused . So I am thinking that I need some expert opinion about this . Now one of...
  8. QwertyManiac

    Need Drivers Urgently !

    Help ! I need AC '97 drivers for my Intel 865GBF MOBO (Original Intel) B'coz the previous drivers arenot XP certified and not WHQL logoed too.. i get some hic ups on the sound too.. plz give a link to certified drivers plz.. I searched Intel.com but got no lead... Plz Help ! Thnx...
  9. M

    Sun Certified Java Programmer

    hi guys Can you give me more info on the SCJP exam conducted by Java . Like when and where is it held and who all are eligible and etc . And are there similar certification by IBM also .
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