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Clarification of a Problem Statement... Important.

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Hello Friends,

Here is a problem statement. Hv to implement using C code. I wud like to hv some points clarified.

Problem Statement Brief:

The problem is to “design and code a robust, reusable and customizable solution for the purpose of achieving faster retrieval of reference data of all the employees undergoing various certifications and reflect the same in the Human Resource database of skills set of the employees”.


The objective of this program is to approve employees for different certifications. The system should also upgrade the HR database with the employee’s latest certification.

The components of the program that need to weave into one cohesive program are as follows:
1 The Login should be designed to check and maintain the entry of Users.

2 The User should login into the tool and select a Department and the Lead (head) of that department should receive a mail as a request for doing the certification. A mail should also come to the User that it has gone to the Lead for approval. After the approval, the User should be intimated of the same.

3 After successful completion of the certification, the fees amount can be reimbursed. The User should be able to just login into the tool and request for reimbursement. As soon as the Lead approves it, a mail should go to the User and to the Finance Department for reimbursement of the fees.

4 A Report should also be generated, so that at any point of time, the employees undergoing the certification and the employees who have already completed the certification can be viewed by Human Resources.

5 The system evolved should be compatible with the Common Operating Environment standards and meet security requirements. The system must be capable of operating on any type of hardware and should work on any communications architecture.


All this sending of mail to the 'Lead' , 'Finance Dept.' ,'User' has me confused!
Do i hv to design an email program along with it too ? which would take care of logging into account, sending mail ? Or is it to be mail through the local intranet ?
Also the report generated, can it be a plain text file forwared as an email ?
Plain confused! Thnk in advance if u can help me make any headaway of this
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