1. Flashbang

    Emulate cd-r

    Please suggest a software to emulate Blank CD-R in PC because I want to get some movies from my handycam and it burns the movies only on CD-R, not even RW or directly on pc.
  2. Y

    I am getting a "power Callibration error when tryin to write DVD-R or CD-R?

    I am getting a "power Callibration error when tryin to write DVD-R or CD-R my drive is - SONY DVD RW AW-G170A i am using nero 8
  3. D

    PC getting restarted while reading a CD or DVD

    I have a pc[bought just four months back] running windows xp home edition,with service pack 2 and all the latest updates installed.i also have norton antivirus 2007 upto date, so are the drivers of my GPU[nvidia geforce 7900 GT/GTO]. but these days,my pc restarts whenever...
  4. D

    NERO UPDATE: Released

    For all those who are like me and believe that Nero 7 is crap bloatware, here's the latest version of Nero 6. Realeased today, Jan 19. Download (33.35MB) Nero is a flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use application designed to write both data and CD audio to CD-R and CD-RW discs. It supports ISO...
  5. raksrules

    1.15 GB on a 700 MB CD-R. How come ??

    Going through my room mate’s Software CD collection, I found a CD labeled ‘Windows 2000’ . It was a Moser Baer 700 Mb CD-R. But on checking the properties of the contents on the CD, I found that the total data was of the size 1.15 GB!!! Can anybody please explain me how can this much amount...
  6. royal

    price of blank cd-r in chandni

    I am really ashamed to ask this trivial question but what is the approx. price of 50's pack of blank Frontech cd-r in chandni chowk ? :oops: actually last time I went there I bought a 100's pack...I dont remember the price anymore , so help me guys :rolleyes:
  7. abhishek66

    800mb CD-R

    i have a 800mb how do i write 800mb data in it? When i open it thru nero it is detected as 700mb
  8. B

    cdrom help

    hi every one i have a problom here i have lite-on ltr-52327s cd writer the problem is i am not able to write or able to erase cd-rw but i am able to write cd-r with this iam facing a lot problem can u help solve this problem


    which CD-r is the best ?
  10. K

    Prob with LG CD-R

    Mine's a new LG CD-R drive with 52x32x52x. It was a breeze burning cds in it,but a few days ago I opened the side case of the cabinet. And few days after when I tried to burn a data CD it got stuck at 2% . It fails to buffer at all and doesn't burn anything.The drive is only making loud...
  11. shreyadr

    cd price ?

    i am getting spuper x cd ( 700 mb ) for rs.6 each. is it of a good quality :?: recently uromultivision has launched a cd-r and dvd-r , what they mentioned in their ad is cd-r is of 4.7 gb. is that true ? what is the price ?
  12. vignesh

    mini cd

    I recently got a mini cd-r.How do I write data onto it.Do I need a mini cd-r writer or the normal one should do?
  13. A


    What is the diference between CD+R & CD-R?
  14. Dipen01

    !!! Password Protecting a CD-R

    Hey Guys... Can anyone help me with Password Protecting the CD-R.. I have some confidential data and so i just want CD-R to ask and verify a password before even displaying its contents.... Is it possible...Not only on my Pc but if the Cd is tried on any PC..??? I have an Idea of...
  15. hack expert


    hey dudes sorry to get ya tensed dis is nothing but a mistake sorry for that i waz gonna post it for "can CD-R or CD_RW read DVD's?" sorry
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