1. M

    Upgrading from ASUS Zenfone 2

    My ASUS Zenfone 2 is broken.Im looking for a new phone within the budget of 15,000. That has good camera,Good performance,casual gaming.. Please suggest me.Is Moto G4 Plus a good choice? Is the design boring?
  2. A

    Casual Usage Laptop(from USA)

    Hey guys, one of my friend is coming from I want to get a laptop from there....please suggest ASAP 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) 35K or $555 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen or Desktop Replacement; 17"+ screen 3) What...
  3. D

    PS3 OR Xbox360 for "casual" gamer?

    Guys, I would call myself as a "casual" gamer. Given time, I can game endlessly, or I can do fine without it also. Realistically - I would not spend more than 3-4 hours gaming (that too over the weekend) But, I like to game. I am very much into racing games + GTA family games. Is this...
  4. M

    Thoughts on HP PAVILION 15 N209TX

    Is this Laptop good for multitasking and casual gaming? Any cons?
  5. zacfx05

    samsung NP500-Pc4 SOAE is this a good buy

    I wanted to know if this is worth a buy it may cost below appx 40-45K, basically wanted to know if anybody of u own one of these 5 series 14 incher or anybody can comment about the quality since this is not launched in India as much as i checked. i cant find any review. I basically wanted to...
  6. RohanM

    Mouse under 500

    Hello, Please suggest a best mouse under Rs. 500 Usage - Normal gaming & casual. home pc. PS2/USB - any.. Thanks.
  7. S

    laptop suggestions

    hello, I am looking to buy a new laptop in the coming days. please help me find the best choice 1) What is your budget ? (INR or USD ) 40k INR 2) What size & weight consideration ( if any ) would you prefer? Netbook ; 11 " - 10 ” screen or less Thin and Light ; 12 " - 14 " screen...
  8. A

    Laptop for Mech Engg and casual gaming. Budget 34k.

    Need a laptop for Mechanical Engg purposes like for CATIA, Autocad, and Entertainment & casual gaming. So from these shortlisted notebooks, what should I finally buy considering after sales services, heating, build quality and performance? Budget is 33-34k max HP Pavilion g6-2314ax Notebook PC...
  9. bubusam13

    Gamepad for PC

    Hi Guys, which gamepad will be better Thrustmaster GPX Gamepad - Thrustmaster: or Microsoft XBOX PC gamepad. I want a wired version and budget range is 2K. I am a casual gamer. I already have a Rs 250 one playstation style chinese gamepad. I works but not for all games, most...
  10. reddick

    Gamepad for Split Second

    Hey Guys! Well I know that the game is a bit old but I've checked and found it works on my lappy. So what I want to ask is that which gamepad would b better to play it. I've searched for Microsoft X-Box Pad. Is it worth buying it for d game? Actually I'm not that much found of games but just...
  11. K

    Any Casual League of Legends Players ?

    Im from chennai and looking for casual players only
  12. avinandan012

    Basic 2.1 PC speaker set

    I am looking for a basic 2.1 system around Rs.3000 :blush: & found Sony SRS - D5 2.1 Multimedia Speakers . Can anyone suggest if this set is any good, if not please suggest some Will be using this with my PC for some casual listening
  13. H

    laptop under 35k..plz help

    hi, i want to buy a should be under 35,000..i am a casual gamer..i am also thinking to upgrade laptop ram to 6 gb by adding 4 gb..i want 500 gb hd, atleast 2gb ram..prcessor optional(2nd gen or 3rd gen)..screen should be 15.6 inch..graphic card is optional as i am casual...
  14. D

    Which Laptop is best?

    Hello I'm looking for a laptop that will be used both for general use and a bit of gaming. Gaming wise, i will play at least older games and low spec games, however i will play better games if i can. please reccomend one of the following laptops or another of similar price and specs. If possible...
  15. sanithkk81

    Keyboard for browsing and casual gaming

    I would like to purchase a corded keyboard for browsing, social networking(chatting), emailing and casual gaming in my desktop. I want soft keys and it must be below Rs.500. I have scrutinised keyboards and chose logitech k120 and Iball amazer. Which one is the best? I am open to other company...
  16. deepak_ds

    Different Assembled PCs

    Can you give me good assembled configurations of a PC for: i) Casual Gaming ii) Mediocre Gaming iii) Hardcore Gaming
  17. sanithkk81

    Games which supports xfx 5770

    My PC config is: :flamewar: GPU: xfx5770 MOB: Asus Processor: AMD phenomII X4 945 OS: Windows 7 ultimate RAM: 4Gb transcend PSU : 500W Cabinet: iball grandeur Monitor: Acer 20" lcd (1600x900) Can anyone list out games which can support this configuration without overheating and noise :hot: ? I...
  18. V

    HELP: cpu/mobo/ram config under 13k

    hiya guys, Id like to upgrade my p.c and buy a cpu, mobo and ram under 13k. this is the con-fig i thought: AMD phenom II X4 945- Rs.6250 ASUS M4A88T-LE- Rs.4500 Corsair 2X2GB DDR3 1333Mhz- Rs.2400. Id use this for some casual gaming and stuff. any suggestions or changes that i should make to...
  19. doomgiver

    economical, low end gpu

    hey guys, my mobo's onboard graphics went kaput and it wont show any red color, so i'd like to hear your recommendations for a new gpu. budget : 2-3k use : some photoshop, casual gaming, dont care much about eye-candy. location : delhi/ncr company : any, i lean both ways
  20. H

    Old Rig... for Gaming?

    Hi I have a PC with this config: Mobo: nVidia nForce 4 nf4xk8mc-rs Proc: AMD Athlon XP 3500+ overclocked @ 2.4 GHz GF Card: GeForce 6200 TC PCI-E RAM: 1 GB DDR1 Using a Sony EX300 TV (22") @ 1366 X 768 res Can I use this gig for some casual gaming, by upgrading the graphics card? Esp at 1366...
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