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  1. Inceptionist

    Where can I buy some Isopropyl Alchohol?

    In Mumbai btw. I need it clean ink stains on jeans. :sad_NF: Oh also to try how long shaving cartridges last if kept in Isopropyl.
  2. D

    Refilling hp 802 black and colour cartridge

    I have a inkjet printer hp 1010. I want to refill the empty cartridges myself. Googling gave method for refilling of the cartridges but procedure to reset inklevels couldnot be found. If any of our forum members have knowledge of the procedure for resetting 802 cartridges kindly share at this...
  3. A

    HP Ink advantage

    Anyone using HP ink advantage printer? Please confirm can the cartridges be refilled from your experience. I know they can be refilled but, they do not work every time and I have also heard that they last for 1-2 refills only. Cartridges that came with inkjet printers are HP 685. Newer models...
  4. L

    Need opinion on the Canon MP 287 AIO printer

    I am seriously considering this Printer Canon MP 287. But I need some opinions :P I am going to use it mainly for Scanning apart from very light home printing needs - 2-3 pages / week, mostly B/W. So decent scanning quality is important to me. I realize that the printing costs will be HUGE so...
  5. P

    Urgent Need a Inkjet Printer Hp Canon or Brother

    I need a inkjet printer For economical printer with good printing quality with All in One function My Needs are Good availability of Cartridges, and that must be cheap Good print quality My options are HP K209g : I would like to know what are the real life running cost of this...
  6. clmlbx

    printer under 5K

    wish to buy Printer under 5K, My top priority over here is easily available and cheap ink, and need with scanner. I wish to print Ebooks so need affordable ink rates.. don't know much about printer, have not used at all so suggest me good one. no brand preferred in particular but should be...
  7. The Conqueror

    Do you Refill Your Cartridges?

    Do you refill your cartridges or buy a new one? I have ordered a DIY Kit for my HP 21 Cartridge and as far as I know, drilling a hole is not required for this cartridge. Please share your experience, if any, on refilling cartridges.
  8. kool

    (HP 4488) 818 cartidges: Refilling color & black ink.

    Guys, How to refill ink in these cartridges? Its expensive buying ink cartridges. yesterday bought 818L black for Rs.1000 :(, found these items on ebay.in Guys, is it worth buying these kits or not? Want ur opinion. :oops::oops: RI06B HP CART MATE + FREE 100ML BLACK DESMAT REFILL INK | eBay...
  9. lywyre

    Compatible Ink Cartridges for hp Photosmart c4280

    Hi, I've got an hp Photosmart c4280 color printer (PSC) that was purchased in Canada. Now, I can't find compatible Ink cartridges in India. Are the cartridges for c4288 compatible with c4280, or is there any other alternative? Please advice. Thank you. P.S: The actual cartridge models are hp...
  10. V

    HP F4488 printer cartridges

    Hi, I am planning to buy an AIO printer (Print + Scan + Copy) and have zeroed down on HP F4488, after going through a few reviews. Till now, I have been using an old Lexmark printer, for which i could easily get the Cartridge refilled for as low as Rs.80. But I have read that its not...
  11. O

    16-Bit Video Game Cartridges!

    Dear Friends, I recently purchased the Mitashi Game-In Xtreme for nephew and niece. It has some in-built games and a slot for more 16-bit Video games. Does anyone know about a store in Mumbai or online where I can purchase 16-bit Video Game Cartridges? Please help me! Thanks in...
  12. S

    MFD priced less than 5000

    Hi I am looking for an MFD priced less than 5000 rs. (although if the mfd is preety good, i can add a few more bucks) the printer should support separate (individual) colour cartridges. it should be possible to reset/refill the cartridges. I ll possibly be taking a lot of black printouts (so...
  13. H

    Best Ecocnomy Inkjet printer in market (Using Refilling/compatible cartidges)

    Hi All, Please share your inputs in choosing an economy inkjet printer. Options in front of me are HP deskjet 1668 Epson Stylus T11 I plan to buy compatible cartridges or if possible refill the ink on my own. I know the process will eventually damage the printer,but I want to go...
  14. g_goyal2000

    HP Cartridge problem

    I have an HP Deskjet F4288 All-in-One printer which is out of warranty. It uses HP 818 black & HP 818 tri-color cartridge. I have genuine, non-tampered cartridges installed in the printer. The problem is, this morning the printer & cartridges were working fine. But in the afternoon, when I...
  15. prateek007391

    HP Officejet J3608

    I recently bought a HP Officejet J3608 All in one Printer. Earlier I was searching on internet, and found Officejet J3680 All in one and all its features were good, and the most impressive features was that it uses the same cartridges as my old Printers HP D1460 and HP F370 i.e. 21 and...
  16. Revolution


    I need a AIO/MDF. My budget is not much maximum Rs.4000/-. I need AIO for basic home use. I don't need FAX and wireless. I'm considering the following features though my budget is pretty low.....:( 1.Duplex Auto printing mode 2.Print,copy & scan 3.Cheap cartridges 4.Big cartridges as big as...
  17. Revolution

    Low Running Cost AIO !

    Please help me guys! I need a AIO/MDF. My budget is not much maximum Rs.5000/-. I need AIO for basic home use. My average requirement will be per month as follows: 1.100 B&W pages 2.10 color pages 3.Few photos 4.Few CD/DVD covers 5.Few scan 6.No FAX 7.Doesn't need wireless I'm considering the...
  18. raksrules

    Where to buy Nintendo DS game cartridges ??

    One of my friend wants to buy game cartridges for the Nintendo DS Lite (the dual screen one). Where can he buy from ?? He is located in Pune so any stores there ? Else any online place where he can order from ?
  19. BBThumbHealer

    Suggestion Required : Printer Scanner Copier @ < Rs.5000

    Hi Guys, Was on a hunt of buying a new multifunction device to serve the basic purposes , and on a maximum budget of Rs.5000.Need ur suggestions for the same. I have basically narrowed my search to the Canon MP-145 or the MP-198, but lemme tell you , i m a noob in printing matters, so its upto...
  20. L

    Buy back empty cartridges?

    May I get any rebate of empty cartridges while buying the new cartridges?
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