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Need answers regarding HP cartridges

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I am using HP PSC 1608 printer with 2 cartridges(8766 tricolor and 8765 black).

1. Can I use only one cartridges becos I normally don't use color one.
(Actually I want to know can I remove the color one from the printer and use cartridge protector till I want to use.) Is it possible to use only one color in two cartridge Printer or not?

2. If I am not using the printer for long time should I leave the cartridges in printer or remove and use cartridge protector until I need again).

3. HP cartridges can be refilled or not?Whether Refilled cartridges work properly or not?

Please help me to find the answers for this one?
Yes, I use Hp 3535 without the colour cartridge. Only if you do not use the printer for a long time then it is better to use a protector.Refilling is dangerous and most of the times does not work.


t3h g04t
HP cartridges can be reliably refilled. If you aren't using the printer for long, it is better to remove the cartridges.
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