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Printer Trouble

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I have a HP PSC 1410 all-in-one printer.

It comes with a HP 21 (black) & HP 22 (color) cartridge.

The problem is, I recently got the black cartridge refilled.

Now, whenever I turn on the printer, it aligns the cartridges & prints an alignment page everytime.

I don't have a problem with it wasting pages in printing alignment page but with it's aligning the cartiridges every time I turn on the printer.

It never used to hapenned before refilling the cartridge.

Kindly help.


Try to re-install the printer software.

Remove the cartridge once.Fix it, align it n then see again if it happens the same.


Hi g_goyal2000 ,

Check these ,

1) Align the cartridge by urself
2) Try to use the cartridge on other printer and see if it works or not
3) get the drivers reinstalled
4) see if there is no much moisture nearby it
5) open the printer cover and clean the rod
6) try to use another cartridge and see
7) nothing happend ? its the time to get your printer to the technician


Hi everybody.

I found the solution to my problem on HP's site itself.

It seems that I was cancelling the alignment of the cartridges itself.
Whenever it tried to print an alignment page, I used to cancel it.
So after reading the solution on HP's site, I let the printer print the alignment page & aligned the printer thru that page. I restarted the printer & like magic, the problem was fixed.

No more problems.

Thanx everybody who posted replies & tried to help.
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