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  1. D

    Need career advice for engineering student

    Hey, So I'm in my final year of CSE and haven't really acquired any skills in terms of tech field like Programming, DevOps ... I know stuff like Computing , Little Cyber Security and Problem Solving with Computers but I just don't study/work until there is a pressure or need , so I was never...
  2. K

    Iam an ECE 1st year Student. What skills should I learn ?

    Hello guys. Iam in ECE 1st year and want to know what things i can learn to improve my skills. Iam confused between going to core jobs or getting into IT companies. Hence I want to learn some stuff which would be helpful for me in both core as well as technical field. I was thinking of...
  3. D

    Career in .Net or Java ?

    I have completed my B.E. in Computer Engineering this year (2015). I have following doubts regarding careers. I want to work in Software development mostly with Java. So I’m currently pursuing a course in Java EE from NIIT. I have no knowledge of .Net at present. But I have received a job offer...
  4. D

    Career guidence for Java Preparation

    I completed my B.E. Computer this year (2015). I know Core (basic + intermediate) Java as it was only there in my academic curriculum. Now I want to give exam for OCJP (Oracle Certified Java programmar) which is one of the reputed certification for Java. I know it includes only Core Java. Should...
  5. K

    How to get into the gaming industry

    My brother is in 12th right now. He is seriously interested in this field. What are the different ways my brother can enter the gaming industry? Is there any course like BTech in gaming?? Please give all the information you have. Thank You! :)
  6. vishnov

    Career In Game Designing and Suitable Colleges

    Friends, I happened to read an article on digit on game designing and it looks promising to me. I want some opinion and advise about the practicality of doing that course. I am a new comer to this forum so forgive my mistakes i may have unwittingly made. Here are my doubts 1. What is the...
  7. A

    am i doing/thinking right? seeking a non programming advice

    i am a information technology graduate(indian). graduated from a worst kind of private engineering college, in 2012(they are very common in india). i had worst kind of classmates and teachers who cannot be called as educated and to call them "just literate" is quite apt. i came to know about...
  8. C

    Colleges in Delhi

    I wanted to ask if there are any good colleges in Delhi offering BSc. in Gaming or BSc. in Animation or BSc. in game Development or Bachelor's in mass Media in communication. I'm from Nepal and I would like to know how much the average costs would be and the duration of study. If not in India...
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