How to get into the gaming industry


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My brother is in 12th right now. He is seriously interested in this field.

What are the different ways my brother can enter the gaming industry?
Is there any course like BTech in gaming??

Please give all the information you have. Thank You! :)


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phew. you asked q at correct time.
B.E, B.Tech, MCA are sound options. anything with physics, maths, computer science is good. there are BSc courses with specialization in game design but AVOID THESE.
After that there are 2 to 1 year courses for either game design or game development, can opt for a good college with known placements in the industry. EA/Gameloft/Indiagames are some companies you might recognize atm that hire here. there are loads of places that provide shoddy diplomas and teach you the tools.
if he is up for it, he can do part time course in a local institute for game design during the BE/BTech years itself.
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